Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Having Launch with the Sistahs

On a seasonally warm Summer day, a celebration was held on Saturday July 26th to launch The Sistah Chat Radio Show which airs on 90.3 WESS FM as well as on a number of additional internet platforms. The event was held at the residence of P. K. Middleton and his wife Alicia LaRaine Jenkins Middleton (aka Madame Raine) who, along with Aixa Teendeen Reina (aka ASK AIXA), Deborah M. Cofer (aka Mama C), and Karlene Ferron (aka Queen Karlene), co hosts the program. A gathering of friends, neighbors, and family members filled the day with an overwhelming sensation of loving support which touched the soul of each person who shared a thoughtful conversation upon the home’s lawn and/or deck.

The day began for many of us with a tour conducted by Ms. Middleton of her family home’s interiors. The building proved to be a spacious one with a number of rooms elegantly adorned with a beauty reflecting the attributes of its occupants. It was during this visitation that a great love was felt by those who explored its halls and the rooms that where connected by them. It was soon sensed by the company that this love originated from a Divine Architect whose loving hands had made not only furnished the home with the love shared by those who live in it, but now had re arranged our hearts so we could be at home within them.

It was after this tour did the company moved outdoors to enjoy sharing an ongoing meal consisting of foods their fellow guests had bought along with the delicious Barbequed cuisine that was offered from the grill. Children joyfully dove into the above ground swimming pool and many were delighted by the sounds of their splashes and laughter. Music played throughout the day by DJ Darren Bam Bam Butler enhanced the conversation and moved many to communicate with one another and their spirits through the art of dance.

The event also served to celebrate Ms. Middleton’s son Ray Jenkins (aka Yung Shredda) www.facebook.com/YungShredda1 receiving a USA Student Ambassador Scholarship. He will be studying abroad in the Netherlands in the very near future. There were also floral arrangements provided by Soulful Touch Roses www.facebook.com/pages/Soulful-Touch-Roses/431682500116 as well as Tee Shirts with the letters “TWIM” on them which represented the words “The Wiz In Me” whose meaning reflect the recognition of the individual Divine nature and his/her ability Conceive, Believe, and Achieve wondrous and life changing things though love.

As the day progressed, the time grew near to commence the celebratory live recording of a segment of The Sistah Chat Radio Program titled, “A Healthier You.....Mind, Body, Soul.” The show began with some welcoming words given by Ms. Middleton followed by those filled with wisdom that was shared by Deborah M. Cofer (aka Mama C). Her words encouraged all who were fortunate enough to hear them to take care of themselves even when life demands more and more from us. She furthered reassured her listeners that one can live one day at a time and life is best lived if it isn’t lived all at once. “And,” she continued, “we must listen to our bodies to learn who we are.” It was during her talk when members of the audience came upon the deck to share their thoughts on the topic.

Ms. Cofer was followed by a musical performance given by a woman known as Substance www.facebook.com/hforr. The Rapper presented her song titled, “The Wiz In Me” from which to slogan found on the plentiful Tee Shirts were based upon. During her set, she invited those who were seated to dance to the music. A number of young people readily began to move their forms along with signs whose words encouraged those who read them to live their lives to the fullest. They were soon joined by a number of older audience members who shook it. It was after this performance concluded did Aixa Teendeen Reina (aka ASK AIXA) take the stage.

Ms. Reina shared her perceptions of the topic which included how one can take care of oneself by expanding their understanding of the world and those they share it with. She also talked at length about the nature of stress and how stress in itself doesn’t normally cause harm to our physical form but it is our interpretation of it that determines its effects. As Ms. Reina concluded her thoughts, Substance was then re introduced so she could speak of her life and how it was transformed when she rediscovered the power to change it.

 As Substance concluded her thoughts, Ms. Middleton took the stage to introduce Tracey Hanton to the gathering. She serves as a career counselor at the Community College of Philadelphia, PA and had been Ms. Middleton’s mentor. She spoke at length on the show’s topic as it reflected on her areas of expertise. She was followed by Karlene Ferron (aka Queen Karlene) who began to share her perceptions.

Ms. Ferron spoke of taking care of oneself by seeking support and having the courage to ask for help. She then introduced Sharone Glasco who spoke on the opportunities for women in the Monroe County area although the area isn’t very progressive in regards to recognizing what women can achieve. She also shared information on events regarding promoting the empowerment of women that will be happening soon and invited all to be a part of them. As her words concluded, Ms. Ferron took the stage to encourage those who listened to know their worth in all aspects in their life. Her words were followed by more motivational music provided by Substance in which a number of dancers came upon the deck to share their talents. Some members of the audience who were upon the lawn danced as well.

This was followed by a song sung by Alicia LaRaine Jenkins Middleton and her daughter Lema Jenkins. Its profound message touched the hearts of all who heard it. It was after this time did Ms. Middleton introduce Apostle Isaiah Lewis, Jr. to the gathering who shared his closing remarks. He spoke of how one can restore the soul by feeding it with the love of the Divine. He concluded his talk with a powerful song of faith.

It was at this time did Ms. Middleton conclude the show and shared her appreciation with all who were involved and supported it through their presence. She then invited all to extend the celebratory mood of the day by dancing to their heart’s content upon deck and to partake of the cake commemorating the launching of the show. This is something everyone was happy to do as the feelings created by the day enhanced each individual’s desire to live life to the fullest with the affirming tools given to them through the love demonstrated by the radio show and those who participated in it. You’ll find more photographs taken during the day’s event in The Special Events 2014 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152230295395421.1073741876.636000420&type=1.

The Sistah Chat Radio Show is presented every Wednesday at 5pm on 90.3 WESS FM www.facebook.com/WESSradio which is a student run radio station that broadcasts out of The East Stroudsburg University of PA. The show has its origins in Deborah M. Cofer’s self-help book titled, “Sistah Power” which serves women and men who want to grow in positive ways in all areas of their lives. The show’s hosts are Alicia LaRaine Jenkins Middleton (aka Madame Raine) who has a Masters in Education Degree and is, along with her husband P. K. Middleton, Founder of A New Life Ministry, Inc. www.facebook.com/anewlifeministry located in Stroudsburg, PA, Deborah M. Cofer (aka Mama C) www.facebook.com/deborah.cofer who is Women’s Empowerment Specialist and an Author of a number of books which can be purchased through www.amazon.com, Aixa Teendeen Reina (aka ASK AIXA), and Dr. Karlene Ferron (aka Queen Karlene) who has a Ph. d and is a Psychotherapist, Educator, and Behavior Specialist Consultant. The program discusses a variety of topics focusing on those designed to educate, encourage, promote, and support women’s ability to live their lives with greater passion, purpose, power, and wisdom.

In addition to the broadcasts aired on 90.3 FM WESS, The Sistah Chat Radio Show can be accessed from the internet from the station’s streaming services at www.tunein.com/radio/WESS-903-s28605. The show can also be heard on Sunday mornings at 8am on www.blogtalkradio.com/sistahpowertalkradio. In addition to this, the show has a Youtube Channel which can be accessed from www.youtube.com/user/sistahchatchannel/feed. You can learn more about the show, how to listen to it, and all it has to offer by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/SistahChat90.3.

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