Wednesday, July 16, 2014

COTA Begins to Begin

The Celebration of the Arts (COTA) held its general meeting at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA on Monday July 14th to plan their 37th Annual Jazz and Arts Festival which is scheduled to be held September 5th - 7th. The day of the meeting proved to be a meteorological dreary one filled with rain and dark clouds. However, this did not dissuade the sizable gathering of friends to leave their abodes and venture out so they may partake of an opportunity to share their love for the festival and in the friendships they developed during its many years with one another.

As those in attendance began to take their seats prior to the meeting commencing, Board member, Christine Trembly, presented the company with several large bags of snacks to be shared and enjoyed. She gave me a bag of “Himalayan Popcorn” to open which I found difficult to do so. Throughout the process I asked myself if my attempts to open the bag was destined to become an Abominable failure to which I resiliently responded “Not Yeti.” Once I did open the bag, I felt a certain sense of machismo in accomplishing the task. Yeah.

It was shortly after I had discreetly flexed my flabby muscles for my own gratification did Ms. Trembly bring the meeting to order. A great many topics were discussed which were very important ones to address. However, many of them didn’t seem as significant to me as the fact that many of the issues address signified the time to end the planning stage for the festival had begun and the final preparation which will lead to the event creating new memories for those who are fortunate enough to attend it in September will soon begin. This observation was supported by the fact of the monthly meetings will begin their bi monthly schedule later in July which indicates even more time will be dedicated in assuring the 2014 festival will be a memorable one.

Beyond those topics relating to the near final completion ones, sharings regarding COTA collaborative endeavors with Main Street Jukebox which is located in Stroudsburg, PA and the encouraging results of having a presence at the recent Delaware Water Gap’s Founder’s Day Celebration were offered to an enthusiastic crowd. The announcement of the upcoming Camp Jazz brought about further excitement from the gathering as it is scheduled to begin Monday July 21st with numerous workshops and opportunities for the young people who will attend it to explore and enhance their love for the musical form. There will also be opportunities for those who would enjoy experiencing these Jazz Campers newly found proficiencies in the art through a series of free noontime concerts held at The Deer Head Inn during the week along with a special concert given at The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain as part of the church’s Summer Gazebo Concert Series on the last day of the camp which is Sunday July 27th.

Many more topics were shared and discussed until the meeting came to its conclusion. However, the adjournment did not vacate the Inn as many lingered in order to share more conversations about the festival and how their lives were in general. The next general meeting scheduled to be held at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap will be on Monday July 28th beginning at 6:30pm. The public is invited and encouraged to attend this and all future meetings as all ideas are welcomed and opportunities to participate as volunteers are provided. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Monday July 14th meeting at The COTA Meetings 2014 Gallery at

The mission of The Celebration of the Arts (COTA) is to present and to support the art of jazz in all its forms and historical breadth through youth education, performing arts presentations, scholarship opportunities, and community outreach throughout the Pocono area. Please Explore The Celebration of the Arts Facebook Page at, their Website at, or by calling 570-424-2210 to learn how you can become a volunteer and to learn for more information all about COTA has to offer.

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