Thursday, July 07, 2011

Monkey See, Laura Bee

The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception featuring the work of Laura Below (aka Laura Bee) on Friday July 1st. The work consisted of little figures which hung upon ribbons descending from the establishment’s ceiling. This gave the wonderful impression of a lightheartedness which could be welcomed by those who find the heat of the Summer season with its periodic humidity overwhelming at times. One also sensed a simple joy spend by the artist as she created the pieces. This approach was further evident by the other delightful treats she brought along for the attendees of the reception to enjoy. These included homemade cupcakes, containers filled with elixirs to blow bubbles, and colored chalk which invited everyone to explore their childlike creativity by drawing pictures on the sidewalk outside the Cheeky Monkey. It was time to play. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Cheeky Monkey 2011 Gallery at

The music for the reception was provided by The SteelCreek Duo consisting of Jeni Hackett and a man simply known as Ken who are both part of the band called, “The Steel Creek Band.” Jeni played lead guitar and provided vocals while Ken provided Bass. Jeni often performs as a soloist at the Cheeky Monkey becoming a favorite among those who frequent the establishment. The warm weather allowed her usual indoor performance to be presented outside which made it all the more enjoyable which many who have heard her in the past found it difficult to believe, yet, it was very true. Please feel free to explore Jeni’s website at to learn more about her, her music, and her future performances.

The Laura Bee Exhibition continues until September 1st. The next Artist’s Reception as part of their Espresso Yourself Art Series will be held at The Cheeky Monkey on Friday September 2nd beginning at 6pm featuring the work of Kim Pollard*. The Exhibition continues until November 1st. In the meantime, Cheeky Monkey will host The Forwardian Arts Society Film Lovers’ Gathering on Friday July 15th beginning at 7pm featuring a free screening of a film which will be followed by a discussion of it. Those who attend the gathering will be afforded the opportunity to suggest what film will be shown during their August get together. The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse also offers a variety of coffee, drinks, and culinary treats along with events such as the one described in this article. Please Explore The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse Website at or call 570-420-8222 for more information.

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Kari said...

This review is as splendid as the event itself, and I know cause I was there! ; }