Monday, July 18, 2011

Blues at The Station

The Jacob Stroud Corporation presented The SheilaMark Blues Band on Saturday July 16th at The Dreibe Freight Station in Stroudsburg, PA as part of their Music in the Park Series. A sizable crowd filled the little known McMichaels Park where the train station is presently located. The SheilaMark Blues Band consists of Mark Hamza on The Hammond Organ, Steve Shiposh on drums, Sheila Stratton on vocals, and RocDoc (Chris Imber) on guitar. The music that greeted the attendees ranged from smooth renditions of classic blues ballads, to songs echoing the empowerment of womanhood, to comfortably numb psychedelic journeys all combining to create an enjoyable experience on a wonderfully bright summer day. You’ll find more photographs taken during the concert in the Music in the Park 2011 Gallery at

The SheilaMark Band was formed by Mark Hamza and Sheila Stratton to compliment their musical adventures together. These adventures include the formation of The SheilaMark Duo who perform in intimate venues and the larger Mark Hamza's Great Swamp Blues Band which performs in a variety of venues including several festivals throughout the summer. Please Explore the SheilaMark Website at to learn more about their musical offerings.

The Dreibe Freight Station was built in 1882 and serviced shipments traveling along the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad. In now serves as an art gallery to showcase the collections of the Monroe County Historical Association. Special exhibits by local artists are offered throughout the year. Please Explore The Monroe County Historical Society Website for more information about the Station and to learn more about the history of the area.

The Jacob Stroud Corporation was formed in 1995 in order to revitalize the downtown historical heritage. They continue to establish a healthy downtown environment for residents and visitors to the area. The next performance in their Music in the Park Series will feature The Jay Rattman Band at The Dreibe Freight Station on Saturday July 23rd beginning at 12 noon. This will be followed weekly by other musicians. A festival celebrating all things relating to the town of Stroudsburg, PA will take place Saturday September 3rd. The Annual “Stroudfest” event will feature entertainment throughout the day along with opportunities to explore and purchase works created by local artists, artisans, and crafters. Please Explore The Stroudfest Website at for more information. To gain more information about The Jacob Stroud Corporation and all they have to offer the community as well as its visitors, Please Explore their Website at

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