Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Swinging at The Bookhouse

When one encounters the word, “Cliché’,” one can’t help to note all of its undesirable connotations as it often implies to something that is done and redone until it’s so ever done it’s to be avoided like the plague. However, like everything else in life, clichés sometimes have a more inviting aspect to them as they can be utilized to inspire certain memories through their associations with the experience and/or feeling we’ve had in the past. The stereotypical nature of the word or the event it’s describing helps us to recognize it as part of the matrix that makes up the human community.

On Friday July 26th, The Eastern Monroe Public Library in Stroudsburg, PA presented “Brad Roccanova: Singing the Best Standards of All Time” as part of their Bookhouse Series. Mr. Roccanova’s high powered Vegas-like performance reflected those given by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other icons of the mid 1960’s known as “The Rat Pack” and was filled with the clichés of the musical genre. From the smooth clothing to the gestures that frequently punctuated each song, the performance revived every memory one would have of catching a show at the Sands, Ceasar’s Palace, or any night club casino nestled along the Vegas Strip even if the closest one came to the Nevada town was Pittsburgh, PA.

The Edinger Community Room within the Eastern Monroe Public Library’s main branch (known as The Hughes Library) was filled to capacity as a multitude of denizens of the era eagerly awaited along with their children and grand children for the show to begin. A fanfare indicative of those associated with the great stage shows of the time announcing Mr. Roccanova’s imminent arrival was played. Mr. Roccanova entered and took control of the performance area belting out one song after another while building a rapport with the audience through his vocal talents as well as the personality he brought to each song. The thoroughly entertaining experience reminded many that, while there are shows, there are also SHOWS. It was a ring a ding ding night all the way from start to finish with Mr. Roccanova being accompanied by Brian Smith on drums and by DJ Geo Productions who provided orchestrated material for the performance.

Mr. Roccanova’s show also presented singer/songwriter Francesca Provitera whose gentle voice and guitar flowed through the audience with her straightforward and deftly written lyrics and melodies. Mr. Roccanova later joined Ms. Provitera in a duet in which they sung the song titled, “Fever” written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell (under the pseudonym of John Davenport) and was originally recorded by Little Willie John in 1956. The timeless classic has since been covered though it’s long existence by the likes of Peggy Lee, Ray Charles, Suzi Quatro and many others each lending their own distinctive style and interpretation to the piece. Mr. Roccanova’s and Ms. Provitera’s rendition of the song reflected many of its earlier incarnations but added the right amount of what is scientifically referred to as “stuff” that made it their own.

As eluded throughout the article, The Brad Roccanova show was an entertaining evening and a very enjoyable one. It was a great time for those who nostalgically look back on the Rat Pack era as well as those who might have thought the clichés the times are associated with have no place in the times we live in but found that they do as having fun while being cool never goes out of style. You’ll find more photographs taken during the concert in the EMPL 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151585206515421.1073741827.636000420&type=1.

The Eastern Monroe Public Library (aka The Hughes Library) Bookhouse Concert Series take place in the Edinger Community Room which is located on N. 9th Street (aka route 611) in Stroudsburg, PA. The Hughes Library is the main branch of the Monroe County, PA library system which include their Pocono Township Branch in Tannersville, PA and their Smithfield’s Branch in Marshalls Creek, PA. The library offers access to numerous books, DVDs, Audio Recordings, and cultural programs free to the public. The library’s BookHouse series is part of its cultural programs designed to provide a venue for literary and musical events which are outside of the commercial and literary mainstream.

The next Bookhouse Concert will feature Folksinger and Songwriter Anne Hills on Friday September 20th beginning at 7:30pm with the doors opening at 7pm. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted. Refreshments will be available for a small charge. Please Contact Linnae Cintron at 570-421-0800 x28 or explore The Eastern Monroe Public Library Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/EasternMonroePublicLibrary?ref=ts&fref=ts to learn more information about the library, their Bookhouse series, and all the institution has to offer the community.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Theo and Me at PCT

The Gallery at The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg, PA held Artists’ Receptions for an exhibition in their front gallery titled, “At the Museum” featuring the work of Theo Solomon and an exhibition in their back gallery titled, “I’ve been Everywhere, Man” featuring the work of Paul Adam Smeltz on Saturday July 20th. The warm day offered a cooled respite to the modest number of art lovers who ventured into the venue. The conversation the reception inspired enhanced the experience of moving from one piece of art to another allowing aspects of each work to emerge through the thoughts and voices that were shared.

The photographic work of Theo Solomon captured the delight many who came to the exhibit has often felt whenever they had visited a metropolitan gallery to explore its wonders. The images also captured how the images depicted upon a gallery’s wall are often reflected by the behavior of those who come to view the work. This was made very evident in one of the untitled pieces Mr. Solomon created depicting an individual sharing her thoughts of a painting titled, “The Death of Socrates” which was created in 1787 by Jacques-Louis David.

The painting depicts Socrates who was a classical Greek Athenian philosopher who lived from 470 BCE to 399 BCE and has been credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy. However, his thoughts on issues prevalent at the time led to a trail in which he was found guilty of both corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and not believing in the gods of the state. His punishment was to die by drinking a poison known as Hemlock. The image is of Socrates raising his finger to share one last philosophical point for his disciplines to contemplate as he draws his last breath.

The photograph created by Mr. Solomon of a woman in a gallery in which the Jacques-Louis David painting is on display holds her finger up in the same manner as Socrates does thus creating a correlation between the events. Even though it’s unlikely the woman will soon embrace the effects of a poisoned death, the image does denote the effects a powerful thought may have upon those who choose to listen and keep it in their heart. Of course, one can’t hear the words being spoken by the woman or by Socrates. But, this very fact can illustrate the effectiveness of an expressed concept has on those who are exposed to it even if it is left unheard.

In the back gallery of The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center which leads to the 2nd and 3rd movie theaters of the venue are some photographs taken by me. Now, I’m not going to share anything regarding the quality of the work as it’s really up to others to interpret and say their peace. But, I will tell you it was good to chat about each photograph and what moved me to take it with those who came to the reception. I’m sure my utterances were filled with excitement as this was the first time my work has ever been featured in an exhibition and I would like to thank The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center and it’s gallery curator, Marcos Oksenhendler, for the opportunity to share my work and experiences with others. You’ll find more photographs taken during the receptions in The Pocono Community Theater (PCT) 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151611158600421.1073741828.636000420&type=1.

The Exhibitions continues until September 8th. Their next exhibitions will take place from September 8th and continue until November 17th featuring the work of Michael Parsons. An Artist’s Reception is yet to be scheduled. In addition to hosting art exhibits, The Pocono Community Theater presents a variety of films both popularly current as well revivals of those films released in the past. They also host special events such as their Book Club which explore novels that have been adapted to the screen and are currently being shown in the theater. Please Explore The Pocono Community Theater Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/PoconoCommunityTheater?ref=ts&fref=ts for more information.

PCAC at 63

The Pike County Arts and Crafts (PCAC) held an Artists’ Reception for their 63rd Annual Members Exhibit on Friday July 19th at the Milford Borough Hall located in Milford, PA. A huge variety of art along with a great number of crafted pieces filled the hall which overflowed with creativity and an abundance of conversations the work inspired. Outside the hall, music was provided by Walt Edwards while foods of all sorts were donated to the PCAC by local restaurants and eateries which enhanced the celebratory event making it a memorable one.

The work canvassed pieces ranging from watercolors to oils along with some photography and exquisitely made fabric pieces. The crafted items included several pottery pieces both decorative and functional along with jewelry created to adorn the body and allowing the inner beauty of the wearer to come forth. Although the work was as varied as varied can become due to the vast enormity of the exhibit, a certain interconnective flow could be sensed while experiencing the overall qualities of the exhibition which created a calming effect upon each individual who allowed themselves to be taken away by the beauty of the images and crafted pieces presented.

In addition to the work presented by members of the PCAC, Scholarships were awarded to recently graduated high school students who has demonstrated a great deal of talent in the arts and will pursue their artistic endeavors in an academic setting. The Olga Fino Scholarship was awarded to Emma Ricupero who graduated from Wallenpaupack High School and plans to attend the Pratt Institute majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. One of her many ambitions is to pursue a career in the world of fashion illustration. The Georgiana Kiger Scholarship was awarded to Brigid Donlon who graduated from Delaware Valley High School and plans to attend Kutztown Univeristy majoring in Fine Arts and Photography with Art History as her Minor course of study. Among her many ambitions is to open her own studio. I wish them well on their endeavors as I’m sure the artistic community would benefit greatly by their creative contributions.

As mentioned earlier, music for the event was presented by Walt Edwards whose voice carried a similar flavor echoing those created by singer/songwriters such as James Taylor or Jim Croce. Mr. Edwards utilized a number of musical instruments during his solo performances which include two 6 string guitars, a 12 string guitar, and a long neck 5 string banjo. The performance he gave during the Artists’ Reception enhanced the gathering through its melodious aspects and the gentle nature of the selections he chose for the day. You can learn more about Walt Edwards by exploring his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Walt-Edwards/375120275863833.

The Pike County Arts and Crafts (PCAC) was established in 1951 and was originally an off-shoot of the Milford, PA area’s Garden Club. Over it’s long history the organization has helped local artists of all ages to discover their talents and to exhibit their work. This prolonged dedication to the arts has proven to be a contributing factor in enhancing the image of Pike County as the arts community it is seen as in the present day. You can learn more about The Pike County Arts and Crafts (PCAC) and all they have to offer by Exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/PCACINC.

As always, my journey to Milford, PA proved to be a refreshing one as it’s artistic community remains a vibrant one as demonstrated through the PCAC Artists’ Reception. Milford is a town in which its citizens and business community never miss an opportunity to demonstrate their love and support of the arts and the endeavors it makes to create something new, exciting, and meaningful for the human soul to partake of. I look forward to my next visit to the area. The Pike County Arts and Crafts (PCAC) 63rd Annual Members Exhibit continues to be on display until July 28th. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the Artists’ Reception for the Pike County Arts and Crafts’ 63rd Annual Members Exhibit in The Milford Art District 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151773881815421.1073741843.636000420&type=1.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ripping up the Runway

The Shoppes on Main and The D1124 Accoutre Boutique which are both located in Stroudsburg, PA held their Rip the Runway Fashion Show Extravaganza on Saturday July 13th to benefit The Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley (PCFLV) at SOHO in The Burg in Stroudsburg, PA. It proved to be an evening filled with glamour and delight along with the knowledge one was doing something to enhance the life of a child in health threatening circumstances. However, prior to the event, I spent my day performing some errands which were completed a bit earlier than expected leaving me with a considerable amount of spare time before the venue was open for visitors.

So, I walked about the town meeting up with fellow strollers who didn’t recognize me at first since I decided to dress up a little for the Fashion Show. I eventually wound up sitting on a bench at the town’s courthouse square to enjoy the gentle breeze that was a part of that beautiful day. I began my time there alone but this was not to be the case for very long as a number of people suddenly appeared holding flags and wearing shirts denoting a gathering of like minded people were coming together for a singular purpose.

I soon learned the symbols on the flags and clothing represented the nation of Turkey with subsequent signs and banners indicating a political rally was afoot. I also learned from one of the participants the group’s endeavors was to bring awareness to the people living in the Commonwealth of PA that a man named Fethullah Gullen seeks to turn Turkey from a secular Moslem state to a more fundamentalist religious one and is presently establishing charter schools throughout the Moslem world and the United States to gain support for his afenda. It is further asserted he is “the most dangerous Islamist on Planet Earth,” is being protected by the Obama Administration and is presently living in PA. As time for the fashion show to begin came upon me, I could not stay for the rally or the clarifying speeches it promised to share. But, I did take a number of photographs and included it in this article as I thought the recording of the event was a worthwhile endeavor to pursue.

So, back at the SOHO, I found a number of people sharing conversations and Hors d’oeuvres with one another. A fashionable atmosphere ensued as the company permeated each word, gesture, and bite with laughter and good will. An assortment of items were on display for attendees of the event to explore which included Jewelry created by Shelleez Dexynz and Angela’s Pieces along with a number of beautifully decorated pocket books. Information and small gifts were given out by Carrie Gofberg of the PCFLV and her daughter and a box was provided so free will donations of cash and/or toys could be given to the organization. The Hors d’oeuvres were provided by The Willow Tree Inn, Quench Café and Fruit Bar, Chef II Go, Spreading Joy Handmade Gourmet Sweets, and King’s Cuisine.

The chatter of the large crowd that gathered as the evening progressed soon found it time to take their places in the seats provided along the runway as the fashion show was ready to begin. Bridget Williams of The Shoppes on Main (who served as the event’s coordinator) took the stage to welcome all who have come to support the event and to share its desire to help support the endeavors to care for children afflicted with cancer. Her words concluded with the arrival of Dawnell Exil of The D1124 Accoutre Boutique (who also served as the event’s coordinator) to share her welcoming remarks and to begin her service as the commentator of the fashion show. The rhythmic beat of the music provided by DJ Mali began as the first of the models began their walk down the runway.

Excitement energized the audience which was built upon by each step that was taken by the models who seamlessly combined elegance and sensuality into every move and gesture they made. Their individual and combined beauty adorned the clothing and other apparel they attached to their perfect forms inspiring many to greet their attire with cheers, laughter, and tears. The styles ranged from the domestic to the international with each interpretation of the piece presented was done in a flavor made unique by each model. Yet, combined, the models’ talented endeavors blended together into one colorful landscape creating a wonderful horizon for all who experienced it.

After a time of breathless abandonment, the audience was given time to compose themselves during a break which ensued after the first movement. It was after this time the event’s guest speaker, Carrie Gofberg of the PCFLV, shared her reflections of the event along with information about the foundation and it’s desire to provide every child they encounter whose life is filled with the tears accompanying the life taking disease of cancer with a smile and a hope for a tomorrow. Ms. Gofberg’s words would linger in many hearts after they had ceased but, when they did, Dawnell Exil respectfully retook the stage so the second movement of the fashion show could begin.

As impossible as it seemed, the second wave of textiles to grace the catwalk was a more exuberating experience than the first. An increased amount of playfulness was added to the elegance exhibited in the previous movement as there was also a sense of naughtiness mixed into their sensual expressions. All this was welcomed and encouraged by the audience as their frequent standing ovations indicated their immense approval of all they experienced as the show progressed towards its grand finale. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Rip the Runway Fashion Show Extravaganza in the Stroudsburg Art District 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151420282390421.539464.636000420&type=1.

The stores and designers who participated in the Rip the Runway Fashion Show Extravaganza included The D1124 Accoutre Boutique, Angela’s Pieces, Pecan Brown, and Rudy’s Timeless Treasures which are located in Stroudsburg, PA along with Nandra Designs in Mt. Bethel, PA and Treasure Finds in South Orange, NJ. The models included the stunning talents of Alexa Daniel, Allen Schiafino, Amber Anderson, Amy Zanicky, Brianna Saccheri, Claudia Williams, Crystal, Denise St Clair, Jonathan Suda, Katie Stapes, Katelynne Beaty, Marilyn Self, Naomi Phillips, Nicole Ford, Ryan Lindner, Sara Jacobson (who also served the event as its Video/Media liaison for www.TVPocono.com), Sophie Vodounou, Sonia Booker, and Torian Hopson. Those who served the fashion show as its ambassadors were Delores Hart, Linda Lieberman, Linda Schiaffino, Wendy Cole, Sheila Gaton, Sherryl Moore, Karlene Desilva, and Cherriann Crabtree. The official photographer for the event was Jim Chesnick.

The D1124 Accoutre Boutique is located at 580 Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA offering “Savvy Chic Styles with a Concierge Appeal.” The retail store displays unique fashion featuring upscale styles for women, men, and children. In addition to clothing, they also provide a variety of Jewelry, Handbags, and more at affordable prices. You can learn more about The D1124 Accoutre Boutique by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/D1124AccoutreBoutique.

The Shoppes on Main is located at 580 Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA and encompasses a variety of business within its complex including merchants who sell fashionable apparel, jewelry, art, and a dining area. Several events take place throughout the year including Artists’ Receptions and expos. You can learn more about The Shoppes on Main by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ShoppesOnMainStroudsburg?fref=ts.

The Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley (PCFLV) is a non-profit organization located in Whitehall, PA seeking to support the entire family as it battles pediatric cancer while making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer and their families through ongoing programming, support, and resources which enable children to live their lives as fully as possible. The PCFLV organizes events such as Golden Days and the Chemo Circus. You can learn more about The Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pcf.lehighvalley.

SOHO in the BURG in Stroudsburg, PA is an extension of the Backstreet Studio and Art Gallerie which opened its doors to the public in April of 2012. In addition to hosting the Rip the Runway Fashion Show Extravaganza, the gallery is presently presenting the “Farm Field Forest” exhibition featuring the work of Patricia A. Griffin which will continue to be on display until July 21st. The next exhibition presented at the Gallery will be their Water Show which welcomes artists to submit their work depicting Boats, Bridges, Beaches, or any subject relating to water. The Artists’ Reception is scheduled to take place Saturday August 3rd beginning at 4pm and will continue to be displayed at the Gallery until September 16th. You can learn more about SOHO in the BURG and all their creative endeavors by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/BackstreetStudioAndArtGallerie.

May the Bi Monthlys Begin

The Celebration of the Arts (COTA) held its general meeting at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA on Monday July 8th to plan their 36th Annual Jazz and Arts Festival scheduled to be held September 6th - 8th. The warm summery weather was reflected in the atmosphere created within the Inn as those who have formed their friendships throughout the years met with one another. A number of newcomers to the general meeting arrived eager to learn more about the festival and how they could become a part of it. They were joyously welcomed as their desire to participate in this year’s festival was deeply appreciated.

A great number of topics where discussed which included the upcoming beginning of the 2013 CampJazz experience. CampJazz is an educational branch of COTA offering a week long program for young people interested in the musical form which includes providing experience in big band jazz performance and learning of the history of Jazz’s development. The camp is held the last week in July primarily at The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain in Delaware Water Gap PA but also includes a trip to a recording studio and a concert which CampJazz participants are able to perform. The 2013 CampJazz will take place from Monday July 22nd until Sunday July 28th. You can learn more about CampJazz and how to participate by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/Campjazz.

Several more topics were shared and discussed until the meeting came to its conclusion. However, before the adjournment, it was announced the meeting will follow its familiar pattern of occurring more frequently as the pace of performing task relating to the festival has increased due to its proximity to the present. The next general meeting scheduled to be held at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA will be on Monday July 29th beginning at 6:30pm beginning their bi monthly frequency until the time of the festival. The public is invited and encouraged to attend this and all future meetings as all ideas are welcomed and opportunities to participate as a volunteer are provided. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Monday July 8th meeting in The COTA Meetings 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151647484515421.1073741833.636000420&type=1.

The mission of The Celebration of the Arts (COTA) is to present and to support the art of jazz in all its forms and historical breadth through youth education, performing arts presentations, scholarship opportunities, and community outreach throughout the Pocono area. Please Explore The Celebration of the Arts Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/groups/cotajazz/?fref=ts or call 570-424-2210 to learn how you can become a volunteer and to learn for more information all about COTA has to offer.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Putting the OM in OMN

As I entered The Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA on Sunday July 7th to partake of the week’s installment of their Open Mic Nite Series, I came across a woman who was walking among the many people who were sitting upon the floor waving her hand. I mistakenly thought she was spreading some imaginary grain as if feeding chickens. I was immediately shown her hand  who held a small burning portion of incense from whose aromatic qualities she was utilizing to enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the surroundings as well as those who were gathered. It was in that moment of satori then I know my evening at The Open Mic Nite would be like no other I have experienced before.

It was a few minutes later when the featured performers of the evening were announced. They were called Lobo Marino who traveled to the venue from Richmond, VA while on tour. Their name came about during one of their journeys in South America where they spent a year encountering a number of spiritual guides who included a Pacific Sea Lion (known locally as “el lobo marino”) and took the duo on deeper journeys within their soulful essence. As the duo took their place, I was touched by a gentle whisper as the woman I spoke to earlier, whom I then discovered was named, “Laney Sullivan,” took her place beside her musical partner, Jameson Price, to make the final preparations for their performance.

Immediately, the chakra cleaning sounds flowed through the room and its inhabitants as Lobo Marino created an aura of music reflecting the Vedanta (aka Hindu) tradition which included a communal responsive chanting of mantras known as Kirtans. The energies enjoyed from the performance brought a sacred quality to the evening from which its denizens freely explored their creative and joyful natures while embarking upon journeys leading them to one internal revelation to another. While each journey was an individual one from whom the spiritual nature of it could not be ascertained by another, the knowing these journeys were being made could have been derived from looking behind closed eyes and seeing all that is unseen. As for me, the performance made manifest all the meaningful dreams I ever really, really wanted to come true while encouraging me to continue dreaming.

The performance of Lobo Marino transcended the consciousness of time and place as their music expanded the borders of what one may consider those encompassing the art. It brought an inspired understanding to things in this world and beyond that can never be fully understood. Together, we heard what we could not hear, we saw what we could not see, we felt what we could not feel. Lobo Marino has created two CDs with the first titled, “Keep Your Head up” and the second titled, “The Reincarnation EP.” You can learn more about Lobo Marino and their music by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Lobo-Marino/124201317615541?fref=ts.

As the final notes from the duo faded from the ear only to be imprinted forever in the soul of all who were fed by it, the evening’s co host (AJ and JR) shared there would be a break so those who wished could purchase a CD, merchandise, or share in a conversation with the pair. An eager yet gentle stampede ensued as an outpouring of loving appreciation sought to touch them. And, those who were fortunate enough to be the purveyors of that touch, felt something in return that later moved their heart to a softened tear of recognition.

The Open Mic Nite resumed as the two man band known as Los Huevos took the stage. Their kick ass energies were well know in the venue from previous performances and are well loved by those who have heard them before and were met by an affection from new comers to the event. They were followed by Jesse Morales whose high energy performance upon his guitar has shown itself to be a consistent favorite among the Living Room’s denizens. He was followed by guitarist Jake Shaffer who was also familiar to those who have gathered at the establishment before and proved to be as enjoyable as ever.

Jack was followed by Poet Benjamin Ordonez who shared some hard hitting poetry. He was then followed by Guitarist Stephan who has played at the Living Room in the past as well adding a gentile sound through his instrumentals. He was followed by Guitarist John Henry who was then followed by Steel Guitarist Christian Diana whose performance never fails to remind those who love the sound of the instrument remember why they do.

Christian was followed by a new comer comedian known by his name’s initials which were E. A. R. Anthony “Tycho” Roberts joined him as his comedic conscious at which those who knew him jokingly pronounced one would never want Tycho to be their conscious as it would be like “Going to Iraq without a gun.” The evening came to an end with a performance from guitarist Dee Smoov Allen who has performed many time at The Living Room. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the Sunday July 7th Open Mic Nite with special guest Lobo Marin in The Living Room 2013 Gallery Part 3 at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151625325480421.1073741831.636000420&type=1 and in Part 4 at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151751090710421.1073741841.636000420&type=1.

The next installment of the Living Room Open Mic Nite Series will take place on Sunday July 21st beginning at 7pm. Musicians, poets, writers, and anyone who would like to share something with an audience are welcomed to do so. The featured performer for the evening will be Kess Lyman. You can learn more about The Living Room Open Mic Nite Series by Exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OpenMicAtTheLivingRoom.

In addition to the Open Mic Nites presented at The Living Room, the venue also holds a Gallery which presents the work of visual artists from around the area. Their current exhibition is titled, “You ART What You Eat” featuring the work of area artists who has submitted their creative endeavors in relation to the exhibit’s theme. The You ART What You Eat Exhibition continues to be displayed until July 30th. The Living Room is located on Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA next to The Sherman Theater who owns the building. Please Explore The Living Room Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/The-Living-Room/123978921059378 for more information on The Living Room, all they have to offer, and how to be a part of it all.

A Bautier Sunday

The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain (PCOM) in Delaware Water Gap, PA presented Michele Bautier on Sunday July 7th as part of their 2013 Summer Gazebo Concert Series. The well loved songstress performed a cappella until she was later joined by Jazz guitarist Tom Kozic who arrived after the performance had begun as he was held up in traffic. The melodious pairing of the two made for an enchanting evening filled with jazz standards along with some classic rock tunes set to some jazzy variations.

The gentle performance created a calm among those who attended the concert which was made all the more imperative as a number of dark clouds and strong breezes made their threat of weather conditions unfavorable to the concert’s continuation. However, something in the music and its performance persuaded the meteorology to play in another yard leaving those who found a sustenance in the tunes the ability to stay where they were until the concert concluded. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the Michele Bautier concert in The PCOM 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151682942230421.1073741834.636000420&type=1.

According to their website, The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain is “… a community of disciples illuminated by God’s love who care for others spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially as we explore new avenues of grace and grow in faith through worship and service.” In an endeavor to manifest the goals of this statement, they hold weekly services every Sunday beginning at 10am, providing a hostel for those hikers who travel along the Appalachian Trail as well as holding a Hikers’ Dinner every Thursday evening throughout the Summer Months to replenish their energies, supporting the Kenyan village of Amilo by providing a school feeding program for 15 orphans, a well, housing, and simple medical care and information to the villagers, and by sharing a partnership with the Reformed Church located in Cardenaz, Cuba. They also support the local Fire Company and Women’s Resources Center as well as provide community aid funds for residents who are suffering economic burdens. The size of the congregation is approximately 200 people.

The Summer Gazebo Concert Series began in 1990 and is presented every Sunday evening throughout the Summer months until the end of August in order to support the local musicians and provide a venue where all ages could learn to appreciate Jazz and acoustic music. In reflection of Delaware Water Gap, PA being considered a Mecca for Jazz, the concerts has a great number of Jazz performances in their schedule. However, all musical styles are showcased during the summer which includes Blue Grass and Classical Music.

The next installment in The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Summer Gazebo Concert Series for 2013 is scheduled for Sunday July 21st and will feature The Erin McClelland Band. The concert is free to the public and begins at 6pm. Please Explore The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Presbyterian-Church-of-the-Mountain/234593743269661 for more information.

A Cuisine Among the Living

An evening to satisfy the creative and digestive appetite of those who love the arts was presented at The Living Room Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday July 6th. Their exhibition titled, “You ART What You Eat” welcomed artists throughout the area to present two and three dimensional images relating to the concept of food, eating, and so forth. The Artists’ Reception also featured sampling of cuisines created by local chefs during the event. They included culinary pieces by Fran O’ Hagan, Chef Warren from The Tea Room Restaurant located in Stroudsburg, PA, and Chef G from The Shawnee Inn in Shawnee on Delaware, PA. Music for the evening was performed by Guitarist AJ Larsen.

Although the number of pieces presented in this month’s open show weren’t as plentiful as prior events, the talent and variety of interpretations relating to the show’s theme proved to be as all encompassing as ever. Some images inspired a desire to partake of the deliciousness they visually represented while others generated feelings of foreboding as their association with the exhibition’s theme generated a degree of thoughtful disturbance. In either case, the work created by some of the very best of outstanding artists dwelling in the local creative community was well showcased.

A great deal of conversation was inspired by work being presented which led those who shared their thoughts to seek sustenance from an additional source. This was happily provided by Fran O’ Hagan who presented a number of dishes created from a series of natural ingredients such as melons and other items of a garden variety, Chef Warren who presented some wonderful pasta dishes, and Chef G who created some mouthwatering crepes filled with ingredients enhancing their taste and nutritional value. In addition to those who deftly prepared the food for the event, Personal Development Coach Frank Colletta was present offering opportunities to partake of several fitness and exercise programs he offers. You can learn more about Frank Colletta and his Energetics Studio by exploring his Facebook Page at  www.facebook.com/energeticsfitness.

In addition to the art and culinary treats (along with an opportunity to create a more healthier form through movement), the auditory sense of each attendee was satisfied as well. AJ Larsen’s smooth renditions of several well known pieces created a gentle mood among those who quietly heard his tonal qualities among the din of the room. The performance almost served as dinner music as the cuisine of art and food was seasoned by each chord and measure adding a flavor to the event which would have been lacking if not for the considerable musicals talents of Mr. Larson. Mr. Larson has performed around the greater New York City area and is presently venturing out as an original singer/songwriter. You can learn more about AJ Larsen and his music by exploring his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ajlarsenmusic.

As it has become customary during The Living Room Gallery Artists’ Receptions, the exhibition’s organizer, Shane Izykowski, took to the stage in order to share news of what the gallery and other groups who share its vision are offering local artists beyond the walls of the venue. The monthly Art Raffle also took place offering those who attended the reception an opportunity to take home pieces artists participating in the exhibition have donated so the venue could receive financial support for their endeavors. Some additional prizes were offered during the raffle and these included a romantic dinner for two in your own home made by Chef Fran O’ Hagan and two tickets for a concert featuring the well known group called, “Kansas” who will perform at The Sherman Theater’s Summer Stage at The Mount Airy Casino on Sunday August 11th. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the Saturday July 6th Artists’ Reception for The Living Room Gallery “You ART What You Eat”  exhibition in The Living Room 2013 Gallery Part 3 at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151625325480421.1073741831.636000420&type=1.

The Living Room is located on Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA next to The Sherman Theater who owns the building. The Living Room Gallery’s exhibition titled, “You ART What You Eat” will continue to be displayed until July 30th. Their next exhibit will present number of featured artists whose identities are yet to be announced. The Artists’ Reception will take place Saturday August 3rd from 6pm until 10pm and will be on display at The Living Room Gallery until August 30th. Please Explore The Living Room Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/The-Living-Room/123978921059378 for more information about the venue, what it offers to the community, and how to participate and become involved with the art related work it does.

In addition to their exhibitions, The Living Room presents a weekly Open Mic Nite occurring every Sunday Evening beginning at 6pm which Musicians, Poets, Writers, and anyone who would like to share their talents with an eagerly accepting audience are welcomed to participate. The venue schedules a featured band or performer on occasion that enhances the enjoyment of the event. You can learn more about The Living Room Open Mic Nite Series at it’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OpenMicAtTheLivingRoom?ref=ts&fref=ts.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Talking About My Rural

SOHO in the BURG in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Talk on Saturday June 6th given by Patricia A. Griffin relating to the work and the process from which it is created. The event was presented in conjunction with an exhibition of Ms. Griffin’s work the gallery is currently titled, “Farm Field Forest.” A sizable number of art lovers eager to learn of and from the artist’s insights gathered as listening to her words soon moved to inquiries which were later transformed to exchanges of ideas. It was some kind of wonderful.

Meanwhile, as those who came to enjoy the feast of creative information Ms. Griffin was eager to share, a number of the gallery’s denizens were preparing some culinary delights in an adjacent room. Their purpose, as discovered later, were two fold. The first was to share their appreciation for those who attended the event through their delicious offerings. The second was to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of James Chesnick whose creative and other contributions to the gallery and its inextinguishable place in the local artistic community is found deep in the appreciative hearts of all those who share a profound love for the venue.

The celebration included dancing and drumming along with the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday To You” which derived from a song titled, “Good Morning to All” written by sisters Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893 to be utilized as tune easily taught to children enrolled in kindergarten. The song, as sung today, first appeared in written form in 1912 but was most likely used prior to that year. However, this all occurred long before James Chesnick was born. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Artist’s Talk and the subsequent Birthday Celebration in The Stroudsburg Art District 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151420282390421.539464.636000420&type=3.

Patricia A. Griffin was born in Philadelphia, PA and received her B. F. A. from Moore College of Art and Design. She has spent the past 24 years traveling, teaching, and painting. According to her website, the animals she depicts in her work gives her an endless opportunity for reflection, growth, and human expression. Her saturated palette generates a powerful and dynamic “push-pull” vibration which dominates her paintings. These elements transform her paintings from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Ms. Griffin has received numerous awards with her work which are being shown in museums throughout the world. Her work can also be seen in The Forwardian Arts Society literary and Art magazine titled, “Forwardian.” You can learn more about Patricia A Griffin and her work by visiting her website at www.patriciaagriffin.com.

The “Farm Field Forest” featuring the work of Patricia A. Griffin will continue to be on display at  SOHO in the BURG (aka Backstreet Studio and Gallery) in Stroudsburg, PA until July 21st. The next exhibition presented at the Gallery will be their Water Show which welcomes artists to submit their work depicting Boats, Bridges, Beaches, or any subject relating to water. The Artists’ Reception is scheduled to take place Saturday August 3rd beginning at 4pm and the exhibit will continue to be displayed at the Gallery until September 16th.

SOHO in the BURG is an extension of the Backstreet Studio and Art Gallerie which opened its doors to the public in April of 2012. The space is owned by Andrea Robbins Rimberg who has become well known for her creativity as many of her pieces were and continues to be presented in prestigious museums throughout the United States. She is also know for her undying dedication to the arts which she utilizes her exuberant energies to promote at every opportunity. Among her many positions serving in organizations and groups relating to the arts, she is the former president of the Pocono Arts Council and currently is the Arts and Photography Director of The Forwardian Arts Society literary and Art magazine titled, “Forwardian.” You can learn more about SOHO in the BURG, Ms. Rimberg, and all their creative endeavors by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/BackstreetStudioAndArtGallerie.

Note: You’ll be able to read the article about the Artist’s Reception held for the Farm Field Forest titled, “A Rural SOHO” on Saturday June 1st at www.forwardianartssociety.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-rural-soho.html.

Tina Madonia at the Dutot

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery in Delaware Water Gap, PA held an Artist’s Reception on Friday July 5th featuring the work of Tina Madonia. A number of landscapes created through a deft use of various mediums filled the gallery as conversations relating to the display filled the air. These mediums included pieces creates by applying oil based paint on canvases while others were created through Monotyping which is a type of printmaking whose process traditionally consists of an image being drawn onto a smooth surface and then transferred onto a sheet of paper. There were also a number of pieces presented in layered framed mats referred to as “Boxes.”

As mentioned earlier, the work depicted several outdoor scenes which allowed those who moved themselves into the images to experience a certain degree of the tranquility which embodied the work. There was a quietness to be found in each piece enhanced by the varying artist’s strokes which combined an amount of descriptive detail along with enough of an impressionist’s technique to encourage the viewer to explore the vagueness of the image more closely until an inner clarity could be discovered during the process of seeing. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Reception in The Dutot 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151703218890421.1073741837.636000420&type=1.

Ms. Madonia fell in love with painting during her early teens while taking her first art class. Her discovery of her talents soon combined with her love for the outdoors allowing her to be a more intrinsical part of nature through the art of painting and photography. Ms. Madonia’s work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and has been shown in various galleries such as The Allentown Art Museum in Allentown, PA. You can learn more about Tina Madonia and her work by exploring her website at www.tmadonia.net.

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery originated as a brick school house built c. 1850 by Antoine Dutot who founded the town of Dutotsville before it was renamed to Delaware Water Gap, PA. In addition to the exhibitions presented at the gallery, the museum offers tours and educational opportunities for those who would like to learn more about the area. The current exhibition featuring the work of Tina Madonia will be on display at the gallery until July 21st. Their next exhibition will feature the work of Peter Salmon beginning with an Artist’s Reception on Friday July 26th and will continue to be displayed until August 11th. Please Explore The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/DutotMuseumAndGallery?fref=ts for more information.

A Friday of Independence at The Castle

The Shoppes at The Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA presented  another installment of their monthly Indie First Fridays event on Friday July 5th in Celebration of the holiday weekend. A modest number of people traversed along the castle corridors exploring the sights and sounds royally offered during the event. The variety of art, crafts, and music created an inviting atmosphere for all to partake of while seeking a respite from the more explosive aspects of the Fourth of July celebrations.

Those who have visited the shopping complex were greeted by the friendly proprietors whom they have come to know along with new establishments such as the Side door Deli and Café which will be opening soon but already offers meals at very reasonable prices. Among the new vendors lining the Castle Halls were items created by Kitchen Goddess Nina and Tracy Gross who demonstrated her technique for creating colorful scarves to those who paid her a visit.

The Castle Inn Gallery presented work from its ongoing exhibition featuring the creative talents of Susan Bradford, Selving Madigan, and Andrea Levergood. A certain spiritual dimension can be seen throughout the work which allows those who view the pieces in their entirety to sense something beyond themselves. The exhibition completed its run on July 12th with information regarding the next exhibition yet to be revealed. You’ll be able to learn more about the gallery  by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Castle-Inn-Gallery/159174520808670.

In addition to the arts, crafts, and merchandise that were available to all who attended the event, music filled the Castle Corridors as performed by the duo Woodrow consisting of Theresa Ratliff on vocals and Brian Bramkramp on guitar and vocals. Together, the duo played a number of familiar tunes each preformed with a soulful recognition of the musical essence of each piece. You can learn more about the duet and their upcoming performances by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/wearewoodrow.

Although the initial size of the number who attended the event was small (which could be attributed to the numerous holiday events that were simultaneously transpiring throughout the area), the gathering increased its dimensions as the evening progressed. The conversations shared with vendors, merchants, artists, and each other made for a gentile and gentle event creating a quiet anticipation among those who await the next Indie First Friday to take place within The Shoppes at The Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA on Friday August 2nd beginning at 5pm. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the July 5th Indie First Friday in The Castle Inn 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151630970105421.1073741832.636000420&type=1.

The Indie First Friday takes place (as its name suggests) the first Friday of the month. The event is designed to acquaint visitors to The Shoppes at The Castle Inn and all those who set up shop in the complex. Experiences in Art, Crafts, and music is offered visitors along with some refreshments provided by various vendors. You’ll be able to learn more about The Indie First Fridays by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/IndieFirstFridays?ref=ts&fref=ts.

The Castle Inn in Delaware Water Gap, PA was built in 1906 and was the last of the great hotels to be built in area. It housed an ice cream parlor, a mosaic floor, bowling alleys, a pool, and a billiard parlor. Performances were presented which included those given by Opera legend Enrico Caruso, Marching Band Leader John Phillip Sousa, and Big Band Leader Fred Waring along with the Pennsylvanians. This all came to an abrupt end when fire touched the Inn in the 1970s and it laid dormant until 2005 when it was purchased by Theresa Veltri and Frank Paccione who continues their endeavors to bring the Inn back as an asset to the community and all who visit it. You’ll be able to learn more about The Shoppes at The Castle Inn and all they have to offer by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/historiccastleinn?ref=ts&fref=ts.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Festive Day for Freedom

The Eastburg Community Alliance (ECA) celebrated Independence Day with its 12th Annual American Freedom Festival throughout Dansbury Park which is located in East Stroudsburg, PA on Thursday July 4th. During the Revolution between Great Britain and it’s North American Colonies, the 2nd Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence on July 2nd, 1776 forming a Committee headed by Thomas Jefferson to write a document explaining why the resolution was necessary. The wording of the document was debated and revised until The Declaration of Independence was finally approved on July 4th, 1776. The date has since become a National Holiday with the festival celebrating it by inviting the local community to enjoy some entertainment, a fireworks display, and provides an opportunity for many to meet with their neighbors.

The hot Summer day was filled with music and performances of magic on the park’s main “American Spirit” stage hosted by well known local radio personality Gary from The Gary in the Morning Show which can be found on the recently formed Pocono 96.7 FM Frequency. A number of carnival like rides were also available to children of all ages to enjoy as was a new “Zipline” attraction added to the festival which allowed many to travel from an elevated platform to the ground at a high speed. It looked fun from the ground. Smiles.

There were also a variety of vendors selling merchandise and food to those who visited the park for the day. These included what was designated as Professional Food vendors who sold their cuisines at the price they were accustomed to selling them at along with local food vendors who priced their victuals based upon the economic climate they have become familiar with by living in the area. There was an addition food court established which also presented an opportunity for visitors of the festival to enjoy a game of Bingo provided by the local Elks Club.

In addition to the numerous vendors who sought to sell their wares and services, members of local government as well as several organizations made their presence known to lend their support to the festive endeavor as well as seeking community support for theirs. These included scheduled visits by PA State Representatives Mario Scavello and Rosemary Brown and groups such as The Latin American Alliance of NEPA (LAANEPA). The public swimming pool was also open for the day.

Although the public began entering the park earlier in the day, the festival officially began around 3pm with a performance given by Deb Kenelly who sang the National Anthem of the United States titled, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The anthem’s lyrics is based upon a poem written by Francis Scott Key titled, “Defence of Fort McHenry” which was composed after the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Royal Navy ships during the War of 1812. The poem was set to the tune written by John Stafford Smith for a British men's social club known as the Anacreontic Society titled, “The Anacreontic Song” (aka “To Anacreon in Heaven”). The song was quite popular in the United States and was officially made its national anthem on March 3rd, 1931 by a congressional resolution.

As the singing of the US National Anthem concluded, East Stroudsburg Borough Councilman, Pete Begley, took to the stage with his unique string instrument known as “The Stick” which consists of instrument resembling the neck of a guitar with strings attached from one end to the other. It doesn’t have a body like a conventional string instrument but is played by either tapping or plucking the strings in a way compensating for its design. The sound is very interesting as the instrument surprisingly has very rich tonal qualities. You can learn more about Pete Begley and the stick at his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pete.begley.7?fref=ts.

Mr. Begley was followed by guitarist Dub Friendly who played a number of pieces while utilizing his sound system to create a deeper body and tonal cadence to the songs. He was followed by the group known as “The Society” who consists of a number of musicians and singers often seen and enjoyed at The Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA during the weekly Open Mic Nites held every Sunday evening beginning at 7pm. Much of the energies indicative of their individual and collaborative Open Mic Nite performances prevailed throughout the Freedom festival set which were welcomed by not only those who frequent the weekly event but to those who experienced their talents for the very first time.

The Society was followed by the Philadelphian Alternative Groove Rock group called, “The Great SOCIO” who played the festival the previous year and whose presence was a welcomed one to those who made the event a holiday tradition and newcomers alike. You can learn more about The Great SOCIO by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/TheGreatSOCIO?fref=ts.

The Great SOCIO was followed by magician Mark Mysterio who is well known throughout the Pocono Monroe County Area for his ability to delight children of all ages with his illusions and materializations. Laughter mixed with “How he did that?” ponderings filled the audience and enhanced the festival. You can learn more about Mark Mysterio by exploring his Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Mysterrio-Fan-site/214042991493?fref=ts.

Mark Mysterio was followed by the band known as Distorted Voices who rocked the stage, the surrounding area, and all who were fortunate enough to be in hearing distance of their high octave performance which was mixed with a double helping of intense voltage designed to set every rocker and non rocker ablaze through their audio firework display. The band performed into the night alongside special guests Hunter Monroe and the legendary J. T. Carter who is well known for the compositions he created during the 50s and 60s. There were also a number of audience members who joined the band and their guests on stage as they presented their final song to the great delight of those who cheered them on. You can learn more about Distorted Voices by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Distorted-Voices/261891325214?fref=ts.

As Distorted Voices were leaving the stage, those who helped organize the festival joined with it’s master of ceremonies Gary of Gary in the Morning to thank all who participated and attended this year’s festival who made it the experience it became. The announcement of who won the annual 50/50 raffle was being made when the fireworks display began to touch the darkening skies. This prompted the quick entrance Hunter Monroe who sang the national Anthem before John Donovan (aka the Party Percussionist) to the stage along with his musical companions took the stage.

The percussionary sounds of John Donovan mixed with the violinist and other musicians who filled the air alongside the Roman Candles and other incendiary devices who lit up the sky. The audio images provided by Mr. Donovan and his comrades blended with the fiery images being painted in the night to the amusement of those who experience the energies conjured up during the performance. You’ll be able to learn more about John Donovan at his Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/JohnDonovanDotBiz?fref=ts.

As the last bursting bombs fizzled from our sights, the stage began to fill with the band known as MaddaM INK whose hard hitting music embraced a number of styles as songs originating from other artists were played along with original compositions reflecting the qualities of the former. The band formed in 2004 and released a CD titled, “MaddaM INK” in 2006 along with another CD in 2010 titled, “Inklination.” You can learn more about MaddaM INK by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/maddamink?ref=ts&fref=ts.

The evening and The 12th Annual American Freedom Festival came to an end with the performance given by MaddaM INK. Their musical energy along that of the more gentile ones found in the meeting and sharing of the holiday experience at the Dansbury Park with long established and new friends made it a great day. You’ll be able to see the pictures I took during the festival in the Freedom Fest 2013 Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151745234160421.1073741840.636000420&type=1.

The Eastburg Community Alliance was established over 30 years ago by local leaders and business owners and is funded through a combination of local grants, direct fundraising, memberships, and local contributions. Besides their annual Freedom Festival, The Eastburg Community Alliance (ECA) presents a Fall Octoberfest and Winter Holiday Celebration which are yet to be scheduled. You’ll be able to learn more about The Eastburg Community Alliance by visiting their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/EastburgAlliance?fref=ts.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Everything at OMN

The Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA ended the first month of the Summer Season with their weekly Open Mic Nite Series on Sunday June 30th. A cool breeze filled the day as I entered the venue. I was met by some equally cool musicians and lovers of music who casually chatted with one another while awaiting the commencement of the evening’s offerings. A number of newcomers to The Living Room were among those I met who were eager to share their talents with the friends they had recently met.

The evening began with some welcoming words by the event’s co hosts A. P. and J. R. which led to A. P. starting things off with some outstanding Re Box vocalizations which he has become well known for. He was followed by Justin O’Neal Rosario on Guitar who joined Dee Smooth Allen on vocals for a number of songs which set the mood for the evening and extended the welcoming atmosphere initiated by the co hosts. They were followed by Guitarist Kess Lyman who considerable talents were accompanied by an announcement that he will be the event’s featured performer on Sunday July 21st and will be on tour until the 28th.

Kess was followed by Guitarist Rick Mitchell who sang a number of songs including a interesting version of a Peter Frampton song which gave it more depth than the original presentation. He continued to perform alone until his son, Frank, joined him to re interpret more familiar pieces including the Harry Nilsson classic, “Put the Lime in the Coconut.”

Rick and Frank were followed by Sundays on Main which consists of Anthony “Tycho” Roberts and Dee who were later joined by A. P. and Justin. During their set, Dee thanked all those who have partook of their previous performances at the Living Room and encouraged their musical endeavors to the point they were being paid for their presence. It was then announced that an incarnation of their combined talents as the band known as “Society” will perform in the upcoming Freedom Festival which will take place on Thursday July 4th in East Stroudsburg, PA.

As the last song performed by Sundays on Main echoed throughout the room, a break was initiated as the evening’s featured band made their way into the venue to set up. Several poems were recited by the evening’s co host J. R. (aka Jessie Roth) during the break which included the poem titled, “40 Love Letters” written by Jeanann Verlee. The recitation was accompanied by Tycho on guitar who often paused with a blush when a passage recounting particular aspects of human relationships were shared.

A hush came over the crowd as the band Everything Ever was announced. The quietness of the moment was quickly shattered as the bombardment of sounds emanating from the musical instruments and voices slapped the denizens of the Open Mic Nite on their faces with each chord and melody they conjured up. The raw energy of their performances not only pierced those who were within the vibrations of their sizable amplifiers, but it was reported those who were passing by the venue expressed their awakened astonishment of the sounds generated during a sleepy Sunday afternoon by saying, “WTF is that?” and “Can I come in?”

Everything Ever was formerly known as “Curious Volume” and presently consists of Andrew Paladiro on Vocals and Guitar, John Trotta on Vocals and Bass, and Zach Sandel on Drums. They’re from both Staten Island, NY and Bergen County, NJ but they arrived at The Living Room after traveling from Ohio to finish a tour they had been on with the venue being the last stop upon their tour. They explore a number of musical genres which include Punk, Hard Core, Industrial, and anything that overwhelms the senses one presently have in order to create new ones. You can learn more about Everything Ever by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/everythingeverband?fref=ts.

As the final sounds of Everything Ever completed their vibrational effects upon their audience and the mortared bricks of which the buildings of the town is comprised of, another break was instituted in order for everyone to meet the band and to acquire the CDs and other merchandize it had to offer. It was soon after this respite did the next performer take her place before the microphone. A guitarist named, “Dawn” rattled the crowd with her solid interpretations of the songs she shared utilizing the impressive octavial qualities of her voice. Dawn was followed by a new comer to the venue.

Guitarist Jordyn Albanese was among the youngest who assembled for the event but her voice and phrasing of each song brought an ageless quality to them that delighted the audience who made it a point to express their desire for her to return to bless their ears in the future. She was followed by another new comer named, “Melissa S.” who performed a cappella with a voice so powerful the microphone was turned off so the cadence of it could be fully experienced through her performance. She was joined by Dee who could no longer sit and listen without adding to the wonderful vocal communion with her own voice.

Melissa and Dee were followed by Liz who has not sung at The Living Room for quite some time but did so this night a cappella. The earthy tones of her voice created starships of constellations to their lights upon each song she performed. She was followed by Dee who once again took the mic with her guitar in hand to finish out the evening with her songs. It was a fitting end to another wonderful evening as those who left eagerly awaited for another segment of the weekly series to arrive. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the Sunday June 30th Open Mic Nite with special guest Everything Ever in The Living Room 2013 Gallery Part 3 at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151625325480421.1073741831.636000420&type=1.

The next installment of the Living Room Open Mic Nite series will take place on Sunday July 7th beginning at 7pm. Musicians, poets, writers, and anyone who would like to share something with an audience are welcomed to do so. The featured performer for the evening will be Lobo Marin. You can learn more about The Living Room Open Mic Nite Series by Exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OpenMicAtTheLivingRoom.

In addition to the Open Mic Nites presented at The Living Room, the venue also holds a Gallery which presents the work of visual artists from around the area. Their next exhibition is titled, “You ART What You Eat” featuring area artists who are invited to submit their creative endeavors which are related to the exhibit’s theme. Submissions are due Friday July 5th and the Artists’ Reception will take place Saturday July 6th beginning at 6pm which will include Area chefs creating their signature dishes on site and who will judge an Artistic Entree Contest. The You ART What You Eat Exhibition continues until July 30th. The Living Room is located on Main Street in Stroudsburg, PA next to The Sherman Theater who owns the building. Please Explore The Living Room Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/The-Living-Room/123978921059378 for more information on The Living Room, all they have to offer, and how to be a part of it all.