Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ka-Son in the Jukebox

The Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception on Saturday July 2nd featuring the works of Ka-son Reeves. Ka-son’s work has gained him a well deserved reputation for depicting the universality in life thus creating a bond between the images one finds on canvas and those found within the memories of those who experiences the work. While many first appear cartoonish, a deeper look reveals a stories whose depths echoes our own understanding of the world. These stories range from those of a child’s first discoveries of how wonderful their world can be to those of losing the ability to grasp the opportunities to live their lives to the fullest due to the years they have lived leaving a toll on their desires an their ability to pursue them gracefully.

These are the stories of human existence and one marvels at the artistic insight Ka-son has which enables him to depict their imagery. His recognizable style is so pronounced one doesn’t have to read his signature to know he did the work. Yet, each piece touches its viewer so intimately we feel we have (or could have if we had the skill) created it ourselves. It is a rare talent for an artist to provided this intellectual assimilation and those who experience it should consider themselves quite fortunate for the opportunities to understand their stories through the telling of others it provides them.

The music for the Artist’s Reception was provided by Ko-Lition which is a hip hop duo consisting of Delo and K. Briggs who are also the brothers of the Artist. Their performance was lively and enjoyable even for those of us who are old enough to enjoy listening to the oldies stations while at the same time dreading them as we remember when the songs first came out. You’ll find more photographs in the Main Street Jukebox 2011 Gallery at

In addition to the Art Exhibitions held at The Main Street Jukebox, they offer recordings made on CDs, Tapes, and Vinyl. The Ka-son Reeves Exhibition continues until July 29th with the artist featured in the August exhibition yet to be announced. Please Explore The Main St. Jukebox Website at or call 570-424-2246 for more information about these events and all they have to offer.

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