Thursday, July 07, 2011

Arts Before the Fourth

A nice array of visual arts were spread about the town of Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday July 2nd featuring two exhibitions near the courthouse square vicinity. One was held in the cool temperature found within the PoconoArts Cultural Center while members of the Pocono Mountains Art Group embraced the sunny disposition the day created as they held their 65th Annual Courthouse Square Art Show. Both contained works which were pleasing to the eye and enhanced the day’s enjoyability.

Members of the Pocono Mountains Art Group who displayed their works included Charlene Taylor, Sun Oaks Arts, Nancy A. Knott, Fine Art by Miller, Joy C. Warner, Julia Saeger_Soria, Jack Weinperl, and Will Daskel. Those who visited this area of town and traveled inside the PoconoArts Cultural Center encountered an Artists’ reception focusing on the works of Ka-Son Reeves, Sherwood Samet, and Joan Sayer. Their works were joined by the numerous members of the Pocono Arts Council which enhanced the exhibit which continues until July 30th. The Center’s Hall of Poetry and Writings featured the poems of Stephanie Buck and Kelsey Fisher. You’ll find more photographs in the Visual Arts 2011 Gallery at

Both exhibitions were full of vibrant and tranquil colors along with a number of pieces which explored the nature of society, its individual inhabitants, and all that is created within and without to influence their existence. Yet, it was the conversation many who attended shared that made the exhibitions something meaningful. As one artists shared with me, “As I hung the pieces, I wasn’t satisfied with how they looked. Yet, now that there are people here, I see them differently. It’s as if the work changed as the presence of people became a part of their existence.”

Perhaps this is true of us. Many of us go through our lives dissatisfied with how our lot in it has much to be desired for. We know on an ethereal level we have much to be grateful for, but many times we just don’t see it. When people come into our lives as friends or lovers, our perspective of who we are and what makes us whole changes a great deal. We often need another pair of eyes to realize our worth and this is wonderful as long as we also realize the wonderful angels who hold up a reflection to ourselves didn’t create the image we see. It was already there.

Besides providing a gallery space for area artists, The PoconoArts Center houses the PoconoArts Council offices whose function is to build our community artistically and culturally by providing leadership, service, and education. The Center also provides space for art educational pursuits. Please Explore the PoconoArts Council Website at for more information about them and all they have to offer the community.

Besides presenting their Annual Courthouse Square Art Show, The Pocono Mountains Art Group continues to seek opportunities to education, display and work toward the furtherance of Art in the community. The Group holds regular meetings the second Tuesday of March, April, May, June, September, October, and November. Please Explore The Pocono Mountains Art Group Website at for more information and all they have to offer the community.

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