Monday, March 29, 2010

A Holy Choral Afternoon

The Belvidere United Presbyterian Church in Belvidere, NJ presented The Pocono Mountain Community of Churches on Sunday March 28th in a performance of sacred songs as part of its 31st Annual Holy Week Concert Series. The concert provided an opportunity for those in attendance to share their faith in the singing of some selected hymns while offering an opportunity to simply enjoy listening to the blend of voices comprising of members from numerous church choirs. It was a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday afternoon filled with some meaningful music for those of the Christian faith.

The concert began with some welcoming words given by Rev. Sarah Weisiger of The Belvidere United Presbyterian Church soon followed by those of the Choral Director Jack Hamblin. The program commenced with a Choral Introit, and opening hymn, and an Advent Litany. This was followed by several specially selected pieces to commemorate the final week of the Lenten Season which is designed those of the Christian faith to prepare themselves for the Crucifixion and for what many in the faith believe to be the subsequent physical Resurrection of Joshua the Messiah (aka Jesus the Christ) circa year 40 CE.

Although the numerous voices lending themselves to the music was the focal the program, there were4 several solo and smaller group performances worthy of taking note of. The include the voice of Dirk Orner who provided a narrative during the song entitled, “Father, Forgive Them” written by Pepper Choplin, Michael Yasenchock who sang “Weeping Came Mary the Savior to Meet” written by Gregorio Curto, Ted Satterthwaite who performed with the Tenor and Bass Choir as they sung “Beautiful Savior” written by F. M. Christiansen. Musical soloist included Cellist Joseph Chacra and Organist Thomas Busteed. The concert accompanist on both Organ and Piano was Gary Raish. Those lending their voices to the concert included Anna H. Busteed, Suzanne McCool, Arline M. Smeltz, Jim Werkheiser, Bob Riday, and Ivan Moyer. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society Music 2010 at

The 31st Annual Holy Week Concert Series continues with two more concerts to be held at The Our Lacy Queen of Peace in Gilbert, PA on Tuesday March 30th at 7:30pm and at The St. Paul Lutheran Church in Tannersville, PA at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, there is no contact information available for more information.

Websites of those mentioned in this article are The Belvidere United Presbyterian Church at and The St. Paul Lutheran Church at

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