Thursday, March 25, 2010

Collegiate Art Rules

The Madelon Powers Gallery located in The Fine and Performing Arts Building on the campus of East Stroudsburg University (ESU) of PA held an Opening Reception Wednesday March 24th featuring the works of students participating in their Art Association Juried Student Art Exhibition with numerous awards and scholarships presented to those student demonstrating a talent transcending their peers. While the focal point of the exhibit was held in the main gallery, there were additional pieces presented in the upper gallery in an exhibit entitled, “Recycled City” featuring works made by recyclable materials. Both exhibits reflected a great amount of great talent which must have made the selection of those who received the awards and scholarships an even greater challenge.

When entering the gallery, one is struck by the great array of color that greeted the senses. They not only drew one further into the gallery but encouraged each visitor to allow the colors that dwell within to come out and play. The subjects individual work itself ranged from comic book themes to deep philosophical introspections. However, the one aspect all the work had in common was their overall uncompromising quality. This included their ability to engage those who experienced the work therefore enhancing it and themselves.

The award Ceremonies were led by Professor Darlene Farris LaBar of the ESU Art Department with some opening remarks given by Dean Peter Hawkes of the College of Arts and Sciences. Those who served as jurors for the exhibit were Assistant Professor of Art and Dr. Melisa Geiger and Professor Kim Snyder of The Parsons School of Art and Design and Pratt Institute. The first prize of $300, the second prize of $200, and the third prize of $100 were provided by The University’s Society for the Arts while prizes for those artists earning honorable mentioned were provided by The ESU Student Art Association.

Those students who participated in both the Juried and Recycled City exhibitions included Michael Marshall, Katherine Bach, Malinda Peters, Joseph Castronuova, Sarah Poore, Tom Kelichner, Jessica Moran, Julie Burns, Megan Carpenter, Lauren Moffett, Mary V. Anderson, Rebecca Mundrane, Elizabeth Dugan, Jaclyn Eichelberger, Michelle Dill, Spencer Weishaupt, Danielle Heinz, Paige Gausman, Evan C. Sells, Elizabeth Brennan, Doug Brehony, Nicole Thomas, Kelly Barrieres, Kyle Pezoldt, Nara Streete, Steve Simoka, Ilka Ivanova, Andrea Adebowale, Maria Sorrentino, Maureen Ordnung, Greg Wolf, Alexa Stine, John Carroll, Andre Hamilton, Mary Lynn, Erin Dunn, Tyler Fox, Michael Bloom, Jess Dunn, Brendon Wilson, Cayleen Foley, Daniel Hopkins, Spencer Hartey, Matt NcNultty, Brett Cummings, Brittany Knowles, Joe Lantieri, Ancel Archer, Fred Nocella, Megan McTernan, and Sebastian Waters. Many of these students received the awards mentioned earlier in this article. However, the names were not caught by this writer. So, if you are reading this and know their names, please feel free to share them with along with your comment. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society Visual Arts 2010 Gallery at

The ESU Art Association Juried Student Art Exhibition will continue until April 22nd. The next exhibition to be held at The Madelon Powers Gallery will feature the works of students participating in their Senior Seminar and Portfolio in Art Student Show with an opening reception on Wednesday April 28th beginning at 5:30pm with the exhibit continuing until May 6th. Please Contact Dr. Rita Plotnicki at 570-422-3695 for more information.

Contact information of those mentioned in this article are East Stroudsburg University at, Darlene Farris LaBar at, Dean Peter Hawkes at, Dr. Melisa Geiger at, Nara Strete at, and Dr. Rita Plotnicki at

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