Monday, June 06, 2011

Karmic Graffiti

The Vintage Karma in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists’ Reception on Saturday June 4th showcasing the work of Matt “Cypher” Philolius, Marc “Taz One” Jules, and Jayson “Beam” Freeman who are well known graffiti artists from the state of New Jersey. Their work reflects a life lived on the street with all the insights such an existence implies.

It is tough, hard core, and slaps the silly pretensions a “sophisticated” patron of the arts may have going into the gallery off their condescending face. Yet, for those who know the truth beyond the colors and slogans, the work verifies their existence and validates their inner meanings. To say the work presented at The Vintage Karma was different than what is presented in most local galleries would be an understatement.

As if to demonstrate their art is alive and constantly in synch with the here and now, the artists spent little time chatting and mixing it with those who attended the reception. Instead, they busied themselves in creating new work often sharing ideas with one another as they created their designs. It was interesting to imagine some of the work one has seen created may one day be seen on a wall somewhere on a New Jersey building. You’ll find more photographs in the Visual Arts 2011 Gallery at

Vintage Karma is a studio of fine art and tattooing offering affordable pricing, free consultations, and organic/vegan ink. The current exhibition continues until June 30th. You’ll find more information about future exhibitions and what Vintage Karma offers the community at


carolina said...
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carolina said...

I have known BEAM for many years,he is also wonderful in spirit & soul! I find his work powerful,vibrant and a puzzle piece of his personality!