Monday, June 06, 2011

Augusta in June

The ArtSpace Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception featuring the work of Thomas Augusta on Saturday June 4th. The images were pleasing to the eye which gave a feeling of wholeness to those who experienced them. They were restful respite to many who have found their lives to be a great deal more hectic than they would like them to be.

While Thomas Augusta’s work was the focus of the gallery’s display, the exhibition also presented the work of Andrea Rimberg, Dee Huxster, Irene Bartz, JoAnn Castrillo, Sharon Cosgrove, Wil Daskal, Shirley Epstein, Jim Hannan, Helen Heeren, Marlana Holsten, Linda Kreckel, John Kopp, Bud laRosa, Maria Livrone, Don Manza, Lenore Fiore Mills, Marcos Oksenhendler, KaSon Reeves, Joan Sayer, and Clarissa Jan Ward. Although each artists had their distinct approach to the subject they depicted in their works, the entire show did have an underlining cohesiveness to it allowing one image to lead an attendee to another quite easily. It seemed to resemble a dream where each visualized perception creates a clarifying understanding that did not exist before one closed their eyes. You’ll find more photographs in the Visual Arts 2011 Gallery at

The current exhibition continues until June 30th. The next exhibition at The ArtSpace Gallery will begin with an Artist’s Reception on Saturday July 2nd and continue until July 30th. Please Explore The ArtSpace Gallery Website at for more information.

The ArtSpace Gallery is part of The PoconoArts Council which is an organization designed to build the communities in which it serves artistically and culturally by providing leadership, service, and education. It does so by offering avenues for artists to display their work through the ArtSpace and other galleries, educational opportunities for those who would like to explore and/or enhance their creative natures, and encouragement to those who seek to express and/or support the arts. You’ll be able to learn more about The PoconoArts Council and all they offer at for more information.

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Thomas Augusta said...

Thanks for the nice blog Paul. It was great to see you at the reception last Saturday. You are one busy guy!