Monday, June 07, 2010

Getting on the Mark.

The 2nd Annual Pocono Raceway Festival was held in Stroudsburg, PA throughout the very warm summer day of Saturday June 5th which made it all the more enjoyable to experience. The air was filled with a variety of music emanating from many locations touching each ear as it wandered down the closed streets. The air was also filled with some tantalizing aromas from the culinary delights as well as the conversations of friends greeting one another which included those who have met for the first time.

To put it simply, the day was a lot of fun. This was true even for those of us who have no interest in the sport of auto racing. The friendly nature of the festival goers and realizing not everyone there were planning to attend the first NASCAR Sprint Cup race of the season which was scheduled to be held at The Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA the following week had a lot to do with this. It was good to meet them as well.

A great deal of activity was going on during the festival. There were, as I’ve mentioned, countless bands and musicians along with vendors selling everything from Jewelry and clothes to home additions to the GOP candidate Rosemary Brown seeking support for her bid for the PA Representative position in the upcoming elections. And, there was plenty of food as well. The stationary restaurants and café like the Cheeky Monkey who had a special booth outside their Coffeehouse while The Commuter’s Café located in Delaware Water Gap, PA had a spot along the street serving some very tantalizing food throughout the day.

The music surrounding those who came to enjoy the festival included Randy Bigness. Christian Porter, and Sinners Saints which were all followed by the headline feature Molly Hatchet. Other Artists and Artisans included Silpada Jewelry, Peacelilly Art Studio, The Mud Place, The Dye Connection, Summer Kitchen Soaps, Nicole Snyder’s Handmade Jewelry, Aimee and Patrick Doyle of Scentsy, The Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, West Wind Jewelry, and Juvenis Body Works. There were also some non profit groups such as those in the health services and those who mission is to shelter animals in need stationed throughout the town. It was a great opportunity to learn, partake, and enjoy the company of those who sat and stood by the tables.

Other events not directly related to the festival also took place. These were a display of Artist Victoria Penna’s work at The Starbucks Coffeehouse and the Artists’ Reception at The Main Street Jukebox for their exhibition titled, “Stop The Music” featuring work from a variety of photographers who have captured some stunning images from the concerts in Rock and Jazz they have attended. Both exhibitions continue until the end of June.

The Forwardian Arts Society held their Photography Lover’s Gathering during the festival. This provided an opportunity for those who enjoy taking pictures to gather and partake of all the photogenic offerings a particular event or location has. The next Photography Lover’s Gathering is scheduled for Sunday July 4th and will take place during the Freedom Festival at The Dansbury Park in East Stroudsburg, PA. Please contact The Forwardian Arts Society for more information.

The festival was organized by The Sherman Theatre located in Stroudsburg, PA and offers a variety of entertainment ranging from performances by the Arte Shaw orchestra to those provided by the local Hard Core and Heavy Metal bands. Please feel free to contact The Sherman Theater at 570-420-2808 for more information about the festival and their upcoming shows. You’ll find more Photographs taken during the festival in our Pocono Raceway Festival 2010 and Photography Lovers Gathering 2010 Galleries at

Contact information available of those mentioned in this article are Randy Bigness at, Christian Porter at, Sinners Saints at, Silpada Jewelry at, Peacelilly Art Studio at, The Mud Place at, The Dye Connection at, Summer Kitchen Soaps at, Nicole Snyder’s Handmade Jewelry at, Aimee and Patrick Doyle of Scentsy at, The Shawnee Mountain Ski Area at, West Wind Jewelry at, GOP Candidate for State Representative Rosemary Brown at, Juvenis Body Works at, The Commuter’s Café at, Sherman Theater at, The Main St. Jukebox at, and The Forwardian Arts Society at

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