Saturday, June 26, 2010

Extinctive Karma

The Vintage Karma Tattoo and Art Studio in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist Reception on Saturday June 26th featuring the work of Sean Jude Elsasser and Dylan XVX in an exhibition titled, "Alters of Extinction." The images consisted of an interesting mixture of line drawings and full colored animation depicting some captivating and (in some cases) decapitating scenes. All of which suggested some sacrificial rite which may coincide with the exhibition’s title suggesting the inept social contact we make when sacrificing our self esteem on the alters of those we wish to impress is leading us to extinction.

This was illustrated most clearly to me in one picture in which the torso of a man with a heart shaped box of candies was being puked up as he pursued a woman whose demeanor indicated an unreachable indifference. This feeling can be recognized by any who seek to have a relationship with someone inaccessible and is willing to do anything to gain his/her attention. We leave who we are behind simply because we feel they won’t like who we are and become someone we learn to dislike. Therefore, our true selves become extinct as we sacrifice who we are for what we want only to discover they weren’t really worth it. And, of course, by then it’s too late for us to regain who we are and all we can hope to do is move on and pretend we’ve learned something useful from the experience. You’ll find more photographs from the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Visual Arts 2010 Gallery at

Along with exhibitions featuring local artists, The Vintage Karma Tattoo and Art Studio in Stroudsburg, PA provides their customers a variety of adornments for the body. The "Alters of Extinction" Exhibition will continue until August 15th. Please Explore The Vintage Karma Tattoo and Art Studio Website at or call 570-994-6671 for more information.

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