Friday, June 18, 2010

A Colorful Dutot

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery in Delaware Water Gap, PA held an Artist’s Reception featuring the works of Sallie Bo Andrews on Friday June 18th. The reception coincided well with the environmental gift many in the Pocono Area had experienced that day. It has been humid and a bit rainy of late, but this day the warm sun shown its radiant beauty upon the land. This was equally true of the work presented by Ms. Andrews as the colors embodying her collection of paintings immersed all who were touched by their radiance in an inner glow.

However, although most of the pieces on display were of glorious colors, there were some I found especially intriguing due to their lack of the hues so otherwise prevalent. These were of her drawings which appeared at first unfinished but was later explained were created and discovered to be in no need of any enhancement. Still, the had an unfinished quality to them which allowed one to use one’s imagination and explore the creative process.

I found myself wondering what color Ms. Andrews would have place in a certain area of the canvas and what color would she place in another. This engaged me to the work even more than those “Completed” pieces and, even an hour the reception has ended and I’m home in front of my computer uploading pictures and typing an article to post, I’m still wondering what colors would be placed where. And, my mind wanders as I explore how one choice of color would effect the overall work over another choice. I can’t speak for others who attended the opening, but I enjoy attending an exhibition I can’t quite leave behind. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Reception at The Forwardian Arts Society Dutot 2010 Gallery at

The reception was well attended and the Exhibition continues until July 4th. The next Artist’s Reception will feature the work of Fernando Salomone beginning at 7pm on Friday July 9th. This Exhibition will continue until July 25th. Please feel free to Contact The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery at 570-476-4240 or Explore their Website at for more information about the Gallery, their future events, and the artists presenting their work.

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