Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forwardian’s First Day

The Forwardian Arts Society received 500 copies of the premier edition of its new Literary and Arts Magazine “Forwardian” just outside the Starbucks Coffeehouse Stroudsburg, PA at 1:37pm on Wednesday May 19th. We celebrated over a slice of Pizza at the neighboring Venuto’s Old World Pizza and was that ever good. I then went on my heroic journey (well, ok, maybe heroic isn’t the right word here) to begin distributing the magazine throughout the town.

Many Stores and restaurant owners gave me a curious look saying they have never heard of our magazine. I was tempted to say, “Well, duh” but common sense and the desire to share “Forwardian” with their customers kept my instincts at bay. I’ve placed about 200 copies this first day and handed out several more to people whom I knew and just happen to pass by while walking the streets.

A Distribution list can be found at our website We still have more places to visit so the list will change over the next few weeks. We hope to take a breather around then but we are already planning our next issue. We’ll be sure to let you know when we’re accepting your stories, poetry, art, and photography as we’re looking forward to receiving them. You’ll find some photographs I took of this wonderful event in The Forwardian Arts Society 2010 Gallery at

In the meantime, I would like to share my deepest appreciation to those who have either contributed creatively and/or financially to our endeavor along with those who kept a good thought for us. I would especially like to thank our Editor Debbie Burke of Pocono Jazz and Poetry for her tireless efforts in getting “Forwardian” ready to be published.

So, do you want a copy? Well, check out our website for a distribution site near you. But, if they ran out by the time you get there or you’re way out of the area, let me know. I’ll be glad to send you the PDF file for it via email.

Websites of those mentioned in this article include The Forwardian Arts Society at, Venuto’s Old World Pizza at, and Pocono Jazz and Poetry at

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