Monday, April 05, 2010

Art, Music, and Fashion on Main

The Main Street Jukebox in Stroudsburg, PA held an Opening Reception on Saturday April 3rd which featured The Art of Abby Braman and Omni. Their work both complimented as well as contrasted one another. The event included performances by musical guest Keith Leslie and Meshach Richards. The event also included a fashion show featuring apparel designed by Omni and modeled by Cassandra Potter, Mary McCauley, and Elizabeth. The large crowd that gathering at the Jukebox were treated to a fashionable evening filled with sights and sounds pleasing to the senses.

The depth found in the pieces created by Abby were enhanced by her choice of framing. The glass enclosing the work highlighted some aspects while some shadowing encouraged the viewer to go deeper within them. This engraved effect captured a certain indescribable look that went beyond merely presenting something pleasing to the eye. It went deeper within the soul and read the messages etched there by the eons of existence in which human kind continues to search for their author.

The images presented by Omni ranged from simple political statements challenging the viewpoints of those observing them to those challenging our perceptions on a more psychedelic level. In fact, the later mentioned pieces could affectionately be referred to at “Etch A Sketch on Acid.” Their playful designs were deceptive in their simplicity as they moved the minds of the viewers more and more into their subconscious as they continue to gaze upon them.

The music provided by the fast tempo guitar playing Keith Leslie entertained as his legendary quick hands touched upon the strings of his instrument. A well created mix of original material along with cover tunes written by both local musician and more famous ones were well received. His performance was followed by the rugged sounds of Meshach Richards a.k.a Ritchie Murder whose guitar blasted its way through the audience with every note placing a strangle hold on each person until they joyously submitted to its overpowering melody. It was like listening to George Thorogood with a really big jack hammer. You’ll find more photographs of the reception at The Forwardian Arts Society Main Street Jukebox Gallery at

The Main St. Jukebox in Stroudsburg, PA offers vintage recordings in their original vinyl form along with recent releases in both vinyl and digital formats. Videos, DVDs, and CDs are also available on a variety of themes and topics. They also host a number of events including their celebration of Record Store Day on Saturday April 17th featuring an opportunity to experience numerous exclusive limited releases from local and national bands. Musical guest will include Meshach Richards a.k.a Ritchie Murder and The Clubber Lang Gang along with an Artists’ Reception featuring The Art of Victoria Penna beginning at 6pm Saturday May 1st with musical guest Mad Lucas beginning at 7pm. This Exhibition continues until May 30th. The Abby Braman and Omni Exhibition continues until April 25th. Please Explore The Main Street Jukebox at 570-424-2246 for more information.

Websites of those mentioned in this article include The Main Street Jukebox at, Abby Braman at, Omni at, Keith Leslie at, Meshach Richards at, The Clubber Lang Gang at Mary McCauley at, Victoria Penna at, and Mad Lucas at

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