Friday, October 22, 2010

Lit, Ukes, and Vampires, Too.

The Forwardian Arts Society held their final Literary Lovers’ Gathering for 2010 at The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse in Stroudsburg, PA on Thursday October 21st. A small group of poets and authors met to share their experiences and talents but this final gathering for the year was marked by the presence of Novelist and Musician Uke Jackson who preformed some of the songs mentioned in his novel titled, “Broadway Vampire” on his Ukulele which can be read online at It was a fitting finale to a wonderful season filled with memories of literary gifts that was shred throughout the year and the thoughtful feedback they inspired.

Our next season of regularly scheduled Literary Lovers’ Gatherings will begin in April 2011. However, there will be opportunities for groups and individuals to meet with The Forwardian Arts Society to plan other events related to the literary arts such as featured readings, book signings, workshops, etc. Participation will be open to all who love the literary arts and you may make your interest in being part of the planning stage know by leaving a comment to that effect.

The Gathering was immediately followed by the “Just Say It: A Spoken Word Symposium” which brought many more poets and musicians to the Cheeky Monkey. The meeting seamlessly continued the conversations initiated by the Literary Lovers’ Gathering but added new voices to the melodious mix. Additional songs were preformed by Emmitt Derrick on his Harmonica and poetry was read by a number of others. You’ll find more photographs taken during the evening’s events in The Forwardian Arts Society Literary Lovers’ Gathering 2010 and The Cheeky Monkey 2010 Galleries at

The “Just Say It: A Spoken Word Symposium” events take place every Thursday evening at 7pm in The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse in Stroudsburg, PA. All poets and musicians are welcomed. The Forwardian Arts Society will hold its Film Lovers Gathering at the Cheeky Monkey on Friday November 19th at 7pm featuring the 1965 film titled, “Incubus” starring William Shatner. The events is free and open to all who love the art of film. There will be a discussion period after the screening in which The Cheeky Monkey offers a free crepe with a purchase of a beverage to the attendees.

Other future events at The Cheeky Monkey include a Comedy Night on Friday November 5th at 7pm featuring a variety of comics performing throughout a hilarious evening and an Artists’ Reception on Friday November 12th beginning at 6pm for an exhibition to benefit the "Thrieve to Survive" Foundation. The exhibition continues until December 12th. The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse offers a variety of coffee, drinks, and culinary treats along with events such as the one described in this article. Please Explore The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse Website at or Call 570-420-8222 for more information.

The Forwardian Arts Society is a fellowship for people who love the arts seeking to enhance the creative community by encouraging those interested in the arts to go forward toward their dreams, by supporting those groups and individuals who are manifesting their dreams through performances and/or presentations, and by loving them and all they do. Please Explore The Forwardian Arts Society Website at for more information about the fellowship and all it has to offer.

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