Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Along Milford

The monthly Art After Dark was held throughout the town of Milford, PA on Saturday August 8th providing an opportunity for art lovers to partake of the creative offerings compacted in the small town. Besides the treasures to be found in the plentiful opening receptions of its galleries, just walking around the town can be a pleasure in and of itself. The Victorian style buildings mixes well with the more modern structures whose airy spatial qualities lightens every step.

The first gallery I explored was The Golden Fish Gallery* who featured Artists Joann Wells Greenbaum and Sun You. Their work complimented one another’s but I was especially drawn to the pieces created by Ms. Greenbaum. Their simplistic designs and depictions belies a depth as one peers more deeply into their vivid and bold colors. The opening reception was complimented by music provided by violinist Ludmila Vomia whose delectable interpretations enchanted every ear who heard them.

The next gallery upon my trek was The Highlands Photographic Guild* who featured the photographic works of Norma Bernstock*. Her ability to capture not only the photographic nature of her subjects but the essence of their being never fails to impress me. Her innovative approach to her work enhances the eye and soul of all who experiences it.

I then ventured into The Artery Fine Art and Crafts Gallery, LLC* who featuring the works of Debbie Gioello and Madeline Tully. Ms. Tully’s work consisted of some very nice watercolors depicting various natural settings while the butterfly paintings of Ms. Gioello proved to be even more interesting. Their vibrant colors sometime verged on the three dimensional as they captured the attention and imagination of the viewer.

The final gallery I visited was The Good Question Gallery* who featured the work of R. J. Calabrese in an exhibition entitled, “Subversive Forms.” Although the Opening Reception for this show was long past, the experience had a certain satisfaction to it as the emptiness of the gallery enhanced the Zen like qualities of the work. Their simple designs and depictions on wood had a haunting effect on the viewer which lingers long after he or she leaves the building.

It was at this point I decided to go home to Stroudsburg, PA as it was a bit late and I was a bit tired from my creative journeys which included not only my Art After Dark but my time at The Festival of Wood earlier that day. Please feel free to read of my adventures there in another blog entry. The other Galleries In would have loved to explore included The Blue Sky, Red Earth Tribal Arts Gallery, The BlueStone Gallery*, and The Artisan Exchange. I hope to be able to visit them sometime in the near future.

The exhibitions in most of the galleries continues until September 7th. The next monthly Art After Dark event will take place Saturday September 12th beginning at 6pm. You’ll be able to find more information by exploring their individual Websites.

Here are links to some of the galleries and artists I mentioned in the article. The Golden Fish Gallery*, Joann Wells Greenbaum, The Highlands Photographic Guild, The Artery Fine Art and Crafts Gallery, LLC*, The Good Question Gallery*, The Blue Sky, Red Earth Tribal Arts Gallery, The BlueStone Gallery*, and The Artisan Exchange .

You’ll find more photographs on The Forwardian Arts Society Visual Arts 2009 Gallery.

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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Joann Wells Greenbaum said...

I appreciate that Milford's Art After Dark has been recognized as a place for art lovers to enjoy an evening perusing the local galleries.
Thank you also for mentioning my work and those of my friends.