Friday, July 03, 2015

You Say College, I say Collage

The Northampton Community College (Monroe Campus) in Tannersville, PA held an Artists' Reception on Thursday June 25th for their Pocono Arts Collage exhibition. The display is housed within the campus' Keystone Hall in its Dunning Gallery. The exhibit features the work of artists who are members of The Pocono Arts Council, The Pocono Mountain Arts Council, The Pocono Mountains Art Group, The Pocono Painters, The Pocono Photo Club, and The Pocono Watercolor Associates. The vastness of the gallery complimented the arrangement of the pieces as it encouraged the many art lovers who attended the reception to journey throughout the venue in order to discover the intricate pleasures each image had to offer. A great deal of thoughtful conversations filled the gallery as tasty morsels of the food that was provided for the gathering were consumed along with the insights their intercourses revealed.

After some time, Dean Matthew J. Connell took his place at the podium to welcome all who attended the event as well as expressing his appreciative comments for the artists and the groups they belonged to for sharing their talents with the campus. Dean Connell also spoke of the aspirations of the gallery and the campus in general as he shared his desire to offer the venue as a haven for the local art community as he expressed his appreciation to Tom Shillea and Alan West for their part in putting the exhibit together. He then concluded his words by inviting Laura Goss (Executive Director of the Pocono Arts Council) to share her sentiments.

Ms. Goss did so by expressing her thanks to the college for housing the work. She then proceeded to invite the leaders of each group to share information about themselves. The individuals who spoke were Linford Werkheiser of The Pocono Watercolor Associates, Eddiejo Herbst of The Pocono Painters, Ann Lafevre of The Pocono Photo Club, George Miller of The Pocono Mountains Art Group, and Nancy Pitcher of The Pocono Mountain Arts Council Their love filled and inspiring words were followed by those given by Laura Goss who returned to the podium to speak about The Pocono Arts Council and all it has to offer. The conclusion of her statements led to a number of inquisitive conversations initiated by those who wanted to learn more about the art related groups who were represented in the gallery.

Many artists and art lovers lingered in the gallery as the warmth of the work and those who shared a love for it continuously embraced one another through their words. It was an enjoyable reception filled with good conversation, information, and art. There was a communal hope among those who attended the reception that there will be more exhibits in the future in which students, faculty, and community members will share their talents and learn from one another's aesthetic wanderings. The Pocono Arts Collage exhibit is currently scheduled to be on display in the campus' Dunning Gallery until August 14th. However, the exhibition's duration may be extended to a later date so students who will be enrolled for the Fall Semester can explore the work and the meaningfulness it contains. You find more photographs taken during the Pocono Arts Collage Artists' Reception in the You Say College, I say Collage Gallery at

The Northampton Community College (NCC) was established in 1967 with its main campus located in the Lehigh Valley. According to their Website, NCC is committed to quality, affordable higher education while striving for accessibility with courses scheduled at multiple campuses and locations during the day, evening, weekends, and on line. The college currently serves more than 35,000 students a year in credit and non-credit programs. You can learn more about The Northampton Community College by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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