Friday, July 31, 2015

Drawing Upon The Origins of Transcendence

One of the great gifts art gives to humanity is the realization that spontaneity can (and often does) create something cool. This was demonstrated as The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA presented the duo known as “Lobo Marino” on Monday July 27th. The concert was formulated through a discovery that the duo was touring in areas adjacent to those near Stroudsburg, PA and was asked if they could come to the town. Lobo Marino realized they had a day off from their touring schedule and decided to come. The entire arrangement occurred the previous Sunday Evening and was thus dubbed the first installment of the gallery's Last Minute Mondays Series.

Numerous people who have been to previous events at the gallery were contacted and those who maintained a flexible schedule found their way to the music. A sizable crowd did appear which in and of itself reflected how magical the evening would be. The concert was held in conjunction with a Drink and Draw event in which attendees to the concert were invited to obtain a sheet of sketch paper and a pencil that were provided in order to draw an object while enjoying a glass or two of wine. I partook of this activity and found the image I drew got better looking with each sip.

The concert began as the gallery's Director, Jody Singer, welcomed the gathering to the venue while sharing information about the gallery and the work it does to promote the arts. Mr. Singer was followed by Lobo Marino who are from Richmond, VA and consists of Jameson Price and Laney Sullivan. Together, they preformed upon a variety of musical instruments including a harmonium, jars, guitars, flutes, and a bass drum many of which originated in India and other countries associated with a spiritual uniqueness. Each instrument owned its own spirit and the essence it embodied moved among the gathering as the melody of each composition were released by the lovingly magical touch of the musicians. The chanting of mantras emanating from Ms. Sullivan's other worldly voice provided a haunting quality that drew the listener deep within each utterance as their vibrations beckoned them nearer.

The concert was further enhanced by the free and open conversation the couple shared with the audience. In such exchanges, information about the instruments and the music they performed were revealed as well as thoughts on the arts in general. An enchantment touched the gathering as the room filled with a profound love of whose transcendent qualities lifted the thoughts and countenance of all to their own divinity. The concert concluded with words of appreciation followed by deeper conversations and the giving of pictures that were drawn during the concert by artists possessing various levels of experience to the couple. You can learn more about Lobo Marino by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

In addition to presenting special impromptu concerts and Drink and Draws, The Origins Gallery holds exhibitions featuring the work of local artists. Their current exhibition is titled, “Fantasies and Imaginings” which will continue to be on display until August 2nd. Their next exhibition to be presented is titled, “Surreal Estate of Mind – Abstracts and Apertures Exhibition” with an Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday August 8th beginning at 6pm. The work will remain on display until August 23rd. All artists wishing to be a part of the exhibit are invited to drop of their renderings on Thursday August 6th from 5pm until 8pm and Friday August 7th from 2pm until 6pm. The Origins Gallery also holds several classes related to the arts designed to magnify the creative instinct that lies within. The next Last Minute Monday is not yet scheduled because, if it was, it wouldn't be a last Minute event. You'll find more photographs taken during the July 27th Last Minute Monday in the Drawing Upon The Origins of Transcendence Gallery at

The Origins Gallery is located on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store which can be found at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery within the Pocono Art District having one of the highest and fastest sales records in the Stroudsburg area, provides a space to those who teach the arts to those who would like to learn from them, and continues to do everything with the local community in mind. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery by exploring their Facebook Page at or their website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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