Friday, July 31, 2015

Drawing and Crawling in PA

On a beautiful Summer's Day, the 9th Stroudsburg, PA Sketch Crawl took place throughout the town on Saturday July 25th. A smattering of artists met at near the corner of 7th and Main Streets. The location is the site of the municipality's Mural Wall that was created by a variety of artists who painted large wooden panels with images representing a number of local business. The endeavor was led by Project Street Art which has evolved recently to St' Art Stroudsburg The intricacies of the shops populating the streets along with the sound of cars rippling over the cobbled intersections inspired a great deal of aesthetic interpretations of the area to be placed on paper.

After some time was given to the participants to render their impressions of the town's commercial surroundings, the company moved to the second location which was at the the Ann Street Waterfall located near the corner of Ann and Broad Streets. It was at this point the gathering was joined by other artists along with a photographer to document the event as well as a representative from the town's Sherman Theater to share news of its upcoming events. The ravenous roar of the waters of the Brodhead Creek as they rushed over the rocky landscape mingled with the shadows of the vista's trees to inspire many to transcend their drawings from the sketch books in order to take up pieces of chalk to decorate the location with images on its sidewalk. The joy of drawing both on paper and on sidewalk soon led to the time for everyone to journey to the day's final destination.

The final location of the 9th Stroudsburg Sketch Crawl was the YMCA's front yard which is located near 9th and Main Streets. Relaxing on the fitness center's lawn gave the gathering a rejuvenating feel which was reflected in the drawings they created. Lines flowed from heart to paper creating images pleasing to the eye. It was after some time did the 9th Stroudsburg Sketch Crawl come to its conclusion at which point the artists shared their drawings and their own individualized experience of all they encounter both externally and inwardly throughout the day. You'll find more photographs taken during the event in The Drawing and Crawling in PA Gallery at

The Stroudsburg, PA Sketch Crawl meets every other Saturday offering artists an opportunity to travel around the town in order to sketch items unique to each of the three selected locations that is visited during a 40 minute time period. All artists of any level of experience are invited and welcomed to participate. The next Stroudsburg, PA Sketch Crawl is scheduled for Saturday August 8th beginning at 12 noon at a location yet to be determined. You can learn more about The Stroudsburg, PA Sketch Crawl by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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