Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting Animal at the Auradell Gallery

Upon a secluded estate whose distance from the hustle and bustle Stroudsburg, PA serves as an elegant haven for those who wish to regain a peaceful center in their lives, The Stroudsmoor Country Inn's Auradell Gallery provides a gentle respite for all who venture to it. It was befitting that the gentle work of Patricia Ann Griffin with its breathtaking hues was presented to the public in this setting on Friday July 17th through an Artist's Reception for her exhibition titled, “Born and Raised.” A sizable number of friends, colleagues, and art lovers filled the homey venue as its relaxed atmosphere allowed those who attended the gathering to explore the images with their heart so their love for each piece could be shared with others.

The vast majority of Ms. Griffin's work comprises of images of a variety of animals ranging from those found upon an average farm to those who make their home in the wild. Her artistic approach is also varied as it ranges from creating classical to abstract and impressionistic depictions of her subjects. In either case, the essence of the object depicted within each frame is maintained and magnified through Ms. Griffin's deft sense of composition and her spiritually inspired choice of color. Her technique allows the viewer to experience a richness found in the soul of each creature she captures on canvas by simply looking into its eyes in order to discover all that dwells within it as well as encouraging the viewer to uncover the beauty within oneselve. This was enhanced by the delicious culinary offerings of the Inn with each tasty morsel adding a flavor and texture to every conversation. It was a wonderful way to spend an early evening. You'll find more photographs taken during the Born and Raised Artist's Reception in The Getting Animal at the Auradell Gallery at

Patricia Ann Griffin resides in Marshalls Creek, PA. At the age of 5, she received first prize in a contest for drawing “Smokey the Bear.” This sign of encouragement inspired Ms. Griffin uncover her creative talents by manifesting more images upon her sketchbook and canvas for which she continues to receive numerous awards for. As a signature member of Artists for Conservation, Ms. Griffin donates 10% of print and painting sales to wildlife conservation. The Born and Raised exhibition which features the work of Patricia Ann Griffin will be on display at the Auradell Gallery of The Stroudsmoor Country Inn until September 30th. The next exhibit in the gallery is yet to be announced. I would recommend stopping into the venue as the work Ms. Griffin creates is uncommonly good with the sizes of the pieces ranging from 5 x 7 to those dimensions which are 72 x 48. You can learn more about Patricia Ann Griffin by exploring her Website at www.GRIFFINGALLERY.ORG.

In addition to showing the work of incredible artists in their Auradell Gallery, The Stroudsmoor Country Inn offers a variety of activities such as Horse-back riding through its own 300 acre mountain, outings on the majestic Delaware River, hiking and biking along the Appalachian Trail, romantic interludes, wedding packages ranging from their Indian Wedding to their Economical and Wonderful options, a spa enabling one to relax and enjoy one of its many rejuvenating treatments, a Restaurant which provides a haute cuisine created to satisfy the most discriminating appetites, and more. The Stroudsmoor Country Inn is located near Stroudsburg, PA whose landscape is full of forest greens and playful animals along with elegant structures that compliment their surroundings. You can learn more about The Stroudsmoor Country Inn and all it has to offer by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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