Saturday, April 12, 2014

Getting Personal at SSG

The Sarah Street Bar and Grill (SSG) in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception Saturday April 5th for their photography exhibition titled, “Up-Close and Personal” featuring the work of Laurinda Faye Rubin in their gallery located in their upstairs dining room. The extraordinarily beautiful pieces presented in the show captured the essence of the natural world as embodied in its floral inhabitants in minute and exquisite detail. The photographic skills of Ms. Rubin allowed the viewer not only to explore the physical contours of each image in its fullness but led the individual to discover its very soul until the demarcations between the viewer and the subject dissolved allowing both of their natural qualities to merge into one entity.

This mergence continued throughout the quaint little gallery as the intimate gathering who filled the space became connected with the work, each other, and themselves through their conversations. Although many of the topics communicated expressed a great amount of deserving praise for Ms. Rubin and her creative accomplishments, a great deal of the chats were centered around the art of photography as the majority of those who attended the reception were exceptional photographers in their own right. Overhearing these sharings enabled one to expand their appreciation for not only the work exhibited in the venue but for the intricacies of the visual art form as well.

Ms. Rubin has been photographing since the 1970’s and continues to grow and learn different ways to appreciate the unique world of Macro Photography through workshops and other photographers along with the youth in her 4-H Photography Club. Her work has appeared in various issues of The Forwardian Arts Society’s online Literary and Arts Magazine titled, “Forwardian” since it began publication in 2010 including being featured on the back cover of its 4th issue that was published on June 11th in 2012.

The Up-Close and Personal exhibition featuring the work of Laurinda Faye Rubin will be on display in the upstairs’ gallery of The Sarah Street Bar and Grill in Stroudsburg, PA until May 31st. The intricate photographic work is as beautiful as it is moving as it affords an opportunity to one to explore the richness of the natural world that includes oneself. You’ll find more photographs taken during The Up-Close and Personal Artist’s Reception in The Special Event 2014 Gallery at

The Sarah Street Bar and Grill is located on Quaker Alley in Stroudsburg, PA and is well known for their restaurant’s cuisine and the welcoming atmosphere of its bar. In addition to their food and beverages, The Sarah Street Bar and Grill presents live music Tuesdays through Sundays featuring a variety of performers. You can learn more about The Sarah Street Bar and Grill by exploring their Facebook page at

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