Friday, December 10, 2010

Bedie Bye Time at The Sherman

The Sherman Community Gallery located within The Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists’ Reception on December 9th for their “Bedtime Stories” Exhibition. The exhibit was organized by The Stroudsburg Area Art Alliance (SAAA) and the works presented were as varied in styles and techniques as were the artists who participated. The evening included musical performances by Guitarist Ritchie Murder and Keith 'Kif' Haynes who, while they performed separately, brought a smile to the faces of all who experienced them. They were followed by Billy Mack Collector who performed many songs while sitting on the Theatre’s Floor to the delight of the children (of all ages) who were invited to pick up an instrument and join in.

The artists who participated in the exhibit included Chris Francz, Myke Maldonado, Thomas Dillon, David Ohlerking, Arielle Sekula, Nickolas Barakso, Melissa Benzinger, Katie Hovencamp, James Gloria, Ka-Sone Reeves, Kari Nespola, Cenia Crespo, Malky Frii, Gennifer Gordon, and Marty Carr. The pieces in the show ranged from unique visual interpretations of classic storybook characters along with depictions of scenes of children having the doorways of their imaginations opened by the telling of such stories. There were also pieces not directly related to the show’s theme but one can imagine many children enter their dreams with such images in their head. The event also presented opportunities for attendees to explore their creativity by creating some Greeting Cards and Trading Cards. There was also a raffle whose proceeds would be utilized to install more hanging fixtures to accommodate artists wishing to participate in future shows.

It was a well attended event filled with great art, wild and wonderful music, and the kind of enchanting conversations destined to become the stuff of bedtime stores. The exhibition continues until February 1st. You’ll find more Photographs of the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Visual Arts 2010 Gallery at

The Stroudsburg Area Art Alliance (SAAA) offers an opportunity for all creative people to explore, enhance, and share their talents. They offer weekly Artist Socials beginning 5pm held at The Starbucks Coffeehouse located in Stroudsburg, PA in which artists, photographers, musicians, and other at all skill levels are welcomed. The next exhibition scheduled for The Sherman Gallery will be titled “Reveries of Form: A Celebration of Women” featuring the photographic works of Sander Martijn. The Artist’s Reception will be Thursday February 10th with live music and a charity auction. The exhibition will conclude April 1st. Please Contact The Stroudsburg Area Art Alliance (SAAA) at or explore their website on for more information.

The Sherman Theatre was built in the 1920s and now is equipped to present many of today’s biggest shows offering a full bar along with the sound, comfort, and historic feel of their incredible performance venue. Their next presentations include Patent Pending as part of their Independent Rock Series on Friday December 17th, their Annual Christmas Jam on Saturday December 18th, and Wu-Tang Clan on Saturday January 1st. Please Contact The Sherman Theatre at 570-420-2808 or Explore their Website at for more information.

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Sander-Martijn said...

Correction:: Reveries of Form will be on Friday, February 11th.