Monday, December 06, 2010

Even Dreamlands Gets The Blues

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists Reception on Sunday December 5th which featured the work of numerous artists for their exhibition titled, “The Blue Show.” As with all their themed shows, Dreamland Creations encouraged artists to devise their own interpretation to what the concepts to the color blue or the emotional state to which it’s associated with entail. As always, this led to an array of styles and approaches to the theme which included some images simply captaining blue coloring while other contained some soul searching themes inspiring those who experienced them to remain reflective throughout the reception and beyond.

The reception concluded with a performance by guitarist Fred Kresge whose bluesy approach to some classic rock and jazz standards complimented the reception by adding an audible voice to the work. His presentation of the songs was simple which gave them the power to penetrate the senses of all who heard them. Many who did so found themselves looking at the works displayed upon the Dreamland’s walls in a new way. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Dreamland Creations 2010 Gallery at

Those artists participating in “The Blue Show” include Rendi, Helen Victoria, Denise J., J. J. Schutz, Don Menza, Cenia Crespo, Shane Izykowski, Abby Braman, Will Daskel, Thomas Augusta, Thomas Lefevre, Allison Gray, Michael Cooke, J. A. S., Brianna Ace, Brittany Heimorle, Ashley Mytyk, John Kobeck, M. J. S., Marcia Flammonde, Anna Marie Hendricks, Myke Maldonado, Sander Martijn, Noel Leas, Victoria Penna, Ka-Son Reeves, Hatter Marie, Arielle Sekula, Dean Cash, and Paul (yeah, that‘s me). The Exhibition continues until January 3rd.

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA serves as a studio where individuals can adorn their forms with a variety of body art such as tattoos and piercing reaching out to the vast community of conventional and non mainstream artists throughout the area. Their next Artists’ Reception will feature artists well known to those who visit in an exhibition titled, “The Dreamland Art Show.” The reception will take place Sunday January 9th beginning at 4pm. The Exhibition will continue until February 1st. Please Explore The Dreamland Creations Website at or call 570-421-6313 for more information about the artists, the current and future exhibitions, and all they have to offer.

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