Monday, September 27, 2010

ArtSmash At The Circular Square

The Courthouse Square in Stroudsburg, PA witnessed the collaboration of two meaningful Art Groups on Saturday September 25th as they merged their well known separate events into one satisfying experience for those who enjoy the work of artists and artisan while listening to some truly incredible music. The events in which this merger derived from were The PoconoArts Council “PoconoArts Squared” and The Forwardian Arts Society “ArtSmash of the Poconos.” Both have gained a reputation of showcasing the finest attributes of local art and music and their coming together inspired much praise from those who came by to visit.

Although the “PoconoArts Squared” events began several years ago as sporadic gatherings, it wasn’t until recently they became a monthly occurrence in which many have come to eagerly await during the summer months. The “ArtSmash of the Poconos” festivals began in the fall of 2009 and have since appeared in different forms and venues throughout the year. This first joint endeavor proved to be an intimate affair as there were modest number of artists and artisans participating alongside a tent filled with musicians.

However, the enormity of the talent on display throughout the beautifully sunny day enhanced the entire square and the town surrounding it. The artists and artisans sharing their wares included “Will O’ Wisp Designs,” Ashley Arrington‘s “Odd Art,” handcrafted enameled jewelry created by Karen Bischof of “Millefiori Glass,” a variety of works by “Mandela Designs,” and pottery created by Mary Jane Malinoski, Margaret Benson, and Cathleen Repholz of “Bean’s Pottery.” The musicians gathered together by The Forwardian Arts Society Music Director Kenneth Meyer included Stan Stewart, Soul Q with Mike Pilgermayer on guitar, Christopher Moravek on sax, and Kenneth Meyer on percussion, Joe Nagele from Slick's Blues Band, Holly Avila, and Robb Taylor. A relaxed atmosphere was manifested in this small gathering building a community of friends who loves the arts.

The day began around 10am as artists and artisans placed the finishing adornments on their tents. Among the tents constructed was that of the musicians who began to play in individual sets and together forming a communal voice delighting all who heard it whispering to them. Joyous conversations erupted throughout the day as items were sold, stories were shared, and musical fingers were snapping. The day ended with a warmth surpassing that of the natural skies inspiring a desire to gather once again for another delightful experience. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society ArtSmash of the Poconos 2010 Gallery at

The Pocono Arts Council serves the creative community by providing individual member opportunities to share their endeavors with the public and to discover avenues from which they can enhance their skill and understanding of their chosen discipline. Their “PoconoArts Squared” showcases the area and artisans residing in the Pocono Region. The final event for 2010 is scheduled for Saturday October 16th beginning at 10am. Their 2011 season is scheduled to take place the third Saturdays of the month beginning with June and ending with October. Please Contact The PoconoArts Council at 570-476-4460 or Explore their Website at for more information on all they have to offer.

The Forwardian Arts Society is a fellowship for people who love the arts seeking to enhance the creative community by encouraging those interested in the arts to go forward toward their dreams, by supporting those groups and individuals who are manifesting their dreams through performances and/or presentations, and by loving them and all they do. Their “ArtSmash of the Poconos” festivals showcases the creativity of all visual and performing artists throughout the creative community. While the next festival is presently unscheduled, it is hoped they will once again collaborate with The PoconoArts Council for future “PoconoArts Squared” events.

In addition to holding “ArtSmash of the Poconos” festivals, The Forwardian Arts Society publishes a Literary and Arts Magazine titled, “Forwardian” as well as holding several gatherings throughout the month encouraging those who have affections toward a particular creative genre to meet and explore their favorite artistic disciplines in conversation and sharings. Please Explore The Forwardian Arts Society Website at or call 570-269-3348 for more information about the fellowship and all it has to offer.

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