Friday, August 20, 2010

The Maddening Dead

The Antoine Dutot Gallery and Museum in Delaware, PA held an Artists’ Reception on Friday August 20th featuring the photographic works of Don Manza and Sherwood Samet. The contrasting styles and subjects of two photographers complimented each other and created an atmosphere leading those who attended the reception into two very different worlds. Mr. Manza’s Black and White work titled, “House The Dead in Stone” depicting numerous grave sites found in Mexico led us to a fascinating visitation to the homes of the deceased while Mr. Samet’s “Away from the Maddening Crowd” displayed images of colorful vibrancy found in numerous natural settings where one might like to travel to in order to escape from all that entraps their attentions.

While the subject matter of the two photographic works were very different from one another, there seemed to be a certain similarity between them. It is part of the human condition to occasionally (sometimes permanently) leave the surroundings we find ourselves in so we can find a rejuvenating rest from it all. Death seems to be an extreme goal to strive for, but it is (after all) an ultimate restful state of being (or non being depending on your point of view). Many of the gravesites depicted were adorned as homes for the deceased who dwell within them while the colorful natural settings depicted provided another type of home. It is a home where humanity can return to so it can re-experience the more simplistic life abandoned by societal responsibilities. Both collections depicts places where we can rest in peace.

The reception was well attended with the assortment of food and conversation very satisfying to the culinary and intellectual pallet. The Exhibition continues until September 5th. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Dutot 2010 Gallery at

The next Artists’ Reception will feature a variety of works for their annual “Music Motif” Exhibition beginning at 6pm on Friday September 10th as part of The 33rd Annual Celebration of The Arts (COTA) Festival taking place September 10th - 12th. This Exhibition will continue until September 19th. Please feel free to Contact The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery at 570-476-4240 or Explore their Website at for more information about the Gallery, their future events, and the artists presenting their work. You may obtain information about COTA at their website at or by calling 570-424-2210.

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