Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Gathering of Music and Words

The Forwardian Arts Society held their monthly Music Lovers’ Gathering at The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse in Stroudsburg, PA on Thursday August 19th. There were very few in attendance but the “Just Say It” Spoken Word Symposium garnered a great number of poetry lovers who shared their words and some meaningful conversation. Whether the works originated from the reader or from another source, they touched the soul and gave a smile to the heart.

The “Just Say It” events take place every Thursday evening at 7pm in The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse in Stroudsburg, PA. The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse offers a variety of coffee, drinks, and culinary treats along with events such as the one described in this article. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society Cheeky Monkey 2010 Gallery at Please Contact The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse at 570-420-8222 for more information.

The next Music Lovers’ Gathering will take place Thursday September 16th preceding that week’s “Just Say It” event. The Forwardian Arts Society is a fellowship for people who love the arts seeking to enhance the creative community by encouraging those interested in the arts to go forward toward their dreams, by supporting those groups and individuals who are manifesting their dreams through performances and/or presentations, and by loving them and all they do.

Beside our Music Lovers’ Gathering, other future gatherings of The Forwardian Arts Society will take place at The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse include a Literary Lovers’ Gathering on Thursday August 26th at 6pm, and a Visual Arts Lovers Gathering on Sunday September 5th at 3pm. There is also a Film Lovers’ Gathering taking place at The Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg, PA on Friday September 3rd and a Photography Lovers Gathering on Saturday September 4th taking place during Stroudfest 2010. Please Explore The Forwardian Arts Society Website at or call 570-269-3348 for more information about the fellowship and all it has to offer.

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