Saturday, October 03, 2015

Yards of Jazz to Jam

On a cool Autumnal night, the Newberry's Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg, PA held an installment of their weekly Jazz Jam on Wednesday September 30th. The sounds emanating from the house Quartet and those who would joined them throughout the evening breathed a syncopated melody into those who attended the event enhancing the flavor of the food and beverages they consumed during the course of the evening. The Quartet consisted of Adam Niewood on Saxophones, Bill Washer on Guitar, Joe Michaels on Bass, and Bill Goodwin on Drums

The evening began for me when I ordered a dinner that would prove to be beyond delicious. It was while I was enjoying the delightful dish did the first notes from the Quartet touch the room. Their beats and measures inspired an attentiveness among the patrons which moved them to explore the music with their communal consciousness. One composition led to the next until a break ensued which was preluded by an invitation to all musicians who were present to share their talents when they returned to the stage.

The first of these to do so was guitarist Jesse Moralas who performed a solo set while the break was going on. His songs delighted all who heard him especially among those who were his friends. It was after his set did the full Quartet take their place upon the stage and played a number of tunes accompanied by percussionist Ed Hudak. The musicians were later joined by a drummer known as “Storm” who replaced Bill Goodwin on the instrument. His interpretations of the rhythms associated with the pieces the band played brought about a transcendence far beyond the composition's intent. Another break ensued after these shared sets and it was at this time did I decide to go home as I was quite tired from the busy day I had. You'll find more photographs taken during the September 30th Jazz Jam in The Yards of Jazz to Jam Gallery at

The Newberry's Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg, PA holds their weekly Jazz Jam every Wednesday evening beginning with their house band at 8pm and continues with musicians being invited to join the band at 9pm. All musicians (Instrumentalists and Vocalists) are welcomed to join in the party. In addition to their Wednesday Jazz Jams, the establishment offers live music from other musicians and genres every Friday and Saturday night. They also feature a number of beers originating from many parts of the world along with other beverages to enjoy alone or while partaking of a meal from their yummy menu. The Newberry's Yard of Ale also houses a game room in their cellar where their patrons can come and play. A Craft Beer Club is available to anyone desiring to be kept updated on all things related to the establishment. You'll find more information about The Newberry's Yard of Ale and all they have to offer (including how to join their Craft Beer Club) at their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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