Friday, October 23, 2015

Jamming The Yale Out Of A Wednesday Night

The Newberry's Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg, PA held another of their weekly installment of Jazz Jams on Wednesday October 21st. It was my second visit to the establishment and, like my first, I arrived early and ordered a meal that was even more delicious than that I consumed the previous time. After a while, the house band consisting of Jon Ballantyne on Keyboard, Tom Kozic on Guitar, Joe Michaels on Bass, and Tyler Dempsey on Drums arrived in order to set up their instruments.

An anticipatory mood filled the crowd as they awaited the music of the Quartet to touch the room. The first notes the musicians played place enchantments upon the gathering which allowed many to quietly listen to the blessings their talents would bestow. This continued for a while until a break ensued of which musicians and singers were invited to take the stage to add their talents to the evening's festivities.

The first of these to do so was a guitarist known as COG who performed a solo set while the break was going on. He was joined by Mike Kuehn who shared his talents on the drums for a number of songs. The selections of songs were a mixture of folk and rock songs from the 1950s and 60s. The voice of the guitarist added a depth to each composition as his life experiences enhanced the flavor of the song with the truths emanating from his heart.

One particularly poignant moment during the performance came about when one of the many television sets that adorned the bars showed a commercial featuring the US military while COG was singing the song titled, “Eve of Destruction” which is a protest song written by P. F. Sloan (born Philip Gary Schlein) in 1965. It was first recorded by The Turtles and appeared on their 1965 debut album titled “It Ain't Me Babe.” It was later recorded by Barry McGuire as a single that was released in 1965. Although the song proved to be very popular, it was banned from some US Radio Stations as its con­troversial lyrics were seen as giving aid to the enemy in Vietnam. So, the juxtaposition of the song and the recruitment images of the military on television provided a deeper meaning of the song.

As COG completed his set, the house band retook the stage and played a number of compositions that filled each listener with their magnificent essence. The quartet was joined by percussionist Ed Hudak for a number of tunes. After a while, another break ensued and I took this opportunity to step outside the establishment to chat with the musicians who were seated among the Cafe tables that adorned the sidewalk. It was after my conversations did I leave to journey home. You'll find more photographs taken during the October 21st Jazz Jam in The Jamming The Yale Out Of A Wednesday Night Gallery at

The Newberry's Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg, PA holds their weekly Jazz Jam every Wednesday evening beginning with their house band at 8pm and continues with musicians being invited to join the band at 9pm. All musicians (Instrumentalists and Vocalists) are welcomed to join in the party. In addition to their Wednesday Jazz Jams, the establishment offers live music from other musicians and genres every Friday and Saturday night. They also feature a number of beers originating from many parts of the world along with other beverages to enjoy alone or while partaking of a meal from their yummy menu. The Newberry's Yard of Ale also houses a game room in their cellar where their patrons can come and play. A Craft Beer Club is available to anyone desiring to be kept updated on all things related to the establishment. You'll find more information about The Newberry's Yard of Ale and all they have to offer (including how to join their Craft Beer Club) at their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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