Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Life Touched by Tourette's

The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg, PA hosted the premier of the documentary film titled, “My Life, My Story, My Tourette's” in a Private Screening on Sunday October 4th. The film is directed by Peter Giunta and narrated by Daniel Ferron of whom the film is about. A great number of friends, relatives, and participants of the film along with members of organizations related to the syndrome filled the theater to capacity. Anticipation filled the gathering as Mr. Giunta and Mr. Ferron stepped onto the stage to share their welcoming and appreciative words before the showing the cinematic work.

The film, “My Life, My Story, My Tourette's,” is a very well made documentary that not only reveals information about the syndrome but shares how life can be lived to its fullest by those who is inflicted with it. Numerous individuals ranging from Doctors to Actors in the film overcame their affliction and fulfilled their vocations with a high degree of proficiency. This point was made clearly through the narrative provided by Mr. Ferron whose stories of his life as a model, actor, and artist proved to be very illuminating and served to dispell many of the misconceptions the syndrome has accumulated throughout the years.

The film's conclusion was met with a well deserved standing ovation which inspired Mr. Giunta and Mr. Ferron to retake the stage to reiterate their appreciation to the audience for attending and for their very warm reception of the film. This was followed by a drawing for the door prizes that were offered to those who bought a ticket to participate. Screams of delight filled the theater as the final digit of the winning ticket were uttered and the ticket holder rushed to the stage to collect his/her coveted item. Soon, the final prize was given out and a fond adieu was shared by Mr. Giunta and Mr. Ferron to the crowd who proceeded to leave the theater in order to chat with the men and one another. You’ll be able to find more photographs taken during the screening of “My Life, My Story, My Tourette's” in the A Life Touched by Tourette's Gallery at

The Film “My Life, My Story, My Tourettes” is directed by Peter Giunta and produced by Primodio Studios. Daniel Ferron serves as the documentary's narrator, interviewer, and focal point. The film consists of a series of interviews along with personal anecdotes designed to enlighten it's audience to the source of Tourettes Syndrome, the myths surrounding it, advocacy groups designed to dispel the myths and to gain funding for medical research relating to the condition, and coping mechanisms people afflicted with the syndrome has used in order to live a productive life. As mentioned earlier, the film is a well made one which intertwines factual information with personal point of view very well.

The only criticism I have for the film is that there are some points it makes that are unnecessarily repeated. Perhaps another look by the filmmakers would reveal this repetition and the film could be fine tuned accordingly. However, this is a minor criticism as the film is a good one to see and I recommend doing so as it is presented throughout the festival circuit. You'll be able to view a trailer of the film at In the meantime, you can learn more about Tourettes Syndrome by exploring the PA Tourettes Syndrome Alliance, Inc. Facebook Page at or their Website at

In addition to hosting the screening of “My Life, My Story, My Tourette's.” The Pocono Community Theater and Cultural Center presents a variety of films both popularly current as well revivals of those films released in the past such as the film “Night of the Living Dead” on Sunday October 11th along with “Nightmare on Elm Street and “Halloween II” on Monday October 19th. The Pocono Community Theater also hosts special events such as their Book Club Series which explore novels that have been adapted to the screen and are currently being shown in the theater as well as special events like their Comedy Cabaret - Open Mic Night on Sunday October 11th, a screening of the film “Adelante” followed by a Question and Answer session with director on Thursday October 15th as part of the 3rd Annual Latino Heritage Month Film Festival a concert with the Bovine Social Club on Saturday October 17th, a screening of the film “Fed Up” on Sunday October 18th, and an exploration of the book titled, “Your Face in Mine” in conjunction with The East Stroudsburg University One Book, One Campus program. Please Explore The Pocono Community Theater Facebook Page at or their Website at for more information.

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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