Monday, February 20, 2012

Ka-son La Galleria

The newly established The Galleria in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception featuring the work of Ka-Son on Saturday February 18th. As anyone who is aware of Ka-Son’s work can attest, the images he deftly creates often tell a story which entreats the imagination of those who experience them. The pieces in this exhibition is no exception to this welcomed fact as the scenes many depicts delights the eye and penetrates the soul with their tales.

Yet, there were also a number of pieces which captured the imagination without utilizing an obvious narrative which encouraged the viewer to find one within oneself. These beautifully composed images allowed their focal points to flow upon the canvas in order to be absorbed through the facial eye into the mind’s eye. Once there, it takes up a residence improving our perceptions of all we encounter throughout out days. The current exhibition featuring the work of Ka-Son continues until February 29th. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception at the Galleria 2012 Gallery at

Ka-Son Reeves was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His unique approach to the arts can be attributed his natural artistic ability and by his exposure to the creative processes of his father who was a portrait artist and his eldest brother who was a Graffiti artist. Both styles can be seen in his work. In regards to the content on his work, Ka-Son says, “My art represents the myriad spirit and emotion of urban life, with an emphasis on LIFE, as seen through my eyes, imagined in my mind and felt in my heart. That Life in my art is not limited to any one physical location, but expanded upon in an attempt to embrace a universal perspective.” You can learn more about Ka-Son and his creative endeavors by exploring his website at

The Galleria in Stroudsburg, PA is a space shared by Bridget William, Gigi and Company Dance Studio, and Sara Smith-Katz who is the founding Director of “For ArtzSake” and curates the art gallery aspect of the space. The artists featuring their talents in their next exhibition are yet to be announced. Please feel free to contact The Galleria at 570-580-0996 for information about their future exhibitions and all the establishment has to offer.

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