Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women’s Photographic Journeys

The Madelon Powers Gallery located in the Fine and Performing Arts Center on the campus of The East Stroudsburg University of PA held an Artists’ Reception on Friday May 27th for an exhibition titled, “Journeywomen: The Travels of Two Women” featuring the photography of Leslie Nagy and Linda Stevenson. In an effort to prove one doesn’t have to be perfect or have a sense of timing to be part of The Forwardian Arts Society, I arrived two hours before the reception was scheduled to begin. This is why there are no people depicted in photographs found in the galleries associated with this event.

However, the lack of attendees did give me an opportunity to develop an intimate communication with the work without the distraction of social intercourse. The colors presented in the works were stunning as they led this viewer on a journey to places he has never been before. Not only to the physical places depicted within the frames, but to the emotions and perspectives that went beyond the frames. The work was quite impressive and enjoyable to view.

The Exhibition Continues until June 30th. You’ll find more photographs taken of the work in the Visual Arts 2011 Gallery at Please Explore The East Stroudsburg University of PA Website at for more information.

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