Monday, April 04, 2011

Elementary, My Dear Dreamland

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists’ Reception on Sunday April 3rd which featured the work of numerous artists for their exhibition titled, “The Elements Show.” As with all their themed exhibitions, “The Elements Show” provided artists an opportunity to explore their creative imaginations as they are encouraged to devise their own interpretation to what the particular theme means to them and how it should be envisioned. This never fails to lead to an array of styles and approaches to the theme which enhances the experience for those who attend the exhibition as well.

The were many depictions of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire which are elements most familiar to many who attended the show. But, there were many pieces that challenged the imagination to decipher its association to the theme. Some of the images examined and even re invented the very nature of these familiar elements while other artists explored an entirely new direction. This led those who experienced the work to a deeper understanding of the theme inspiring them to questions such as “What is the elemental nature of the world we experience?, of life?, of my very being?”

As if to propagate this line of questioning further, the music for the evening was provided by Rezlep and the Apparatus. Rezlep is well known for is ability to up the ante of consciousness through his multilayered performances in which he combines his original lyrics and music with dialogues from films and other audio sources. It’s a mind trip into the macabre that invites all who come to listen to partake of. The elements we are accustomed to are twisted and distorted to the point where we begin to see their true essence and recognize aspects we have been taught to forget. It is through listening to Rezlep and the Apparatus we begin to fully understand what many of the artists were trying to convey through their work and we become more enlightened because of it. The pairing of the visual work and music was an excellent one to experience.

The visual artists participating in “The Elements Show” include Rendi, J. J. Schutz, Shane Izykowski, Abby Braman, Michael S. Cooke, Brianna Ace, Ana Marie Hendricks, Myke Maldonado, Tim Nebel, Shirley Escribano, Susan Field, Will Mohlenhoff, Crystal Handelong, Noel Leas, Alison Grey, Ka-son Reeves, Mary McCauley, Victoria Penna, Janet, Morgan Lola Crespo, Sander Martijn, Heather Hummel, Mark Purcell, david Schappert, Joel Vazquez, Emilio Arostequi, Sean Cash, Sophie Crumb, Chris Frantz, Fake 111, and Paul (yeah, that‘s me). The Exhibition continues until May 30th. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Dreamland Creations 2011 Gallery at

The Dreamland Creations in Stroudsburg, PA serves as a studio where individuals can adorn their forms with a variety of body art such as tattoos and piercing reaching out to the vast community of conventional and non mainstream artists throughout the area. Their next Artists’ Reception will feature numerous artists who will present their work for an exhibition titled, “The Mythology Show.” The reception will take place Sunday June 5th beginning at 4pm. The Exhibition will continue until August 1st. Please Explore The Dreamland Creations Website at or call 570-421-6313 for more information about the artists, the current and future exhibitions, and all they have to offer.

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