Monday, April 04, 2011

The Art of Rendi at the Jukebox

The Main St. Jukebox in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artist’s Reception on Saturday April 2nd which featured the works created by an artist simply known as Rendi who is well known throughout the area for his skills in creating body art (aka tattoos) for those who wish to adorn their earthly and spiritual forms. There were those among the numerous attendees who are intimately familiar with his life enhancing endeavors but much of this was not on display due to the chilled outdoor temperatures still prevalent in the Pocono Areas of PA. However, the pieces placed along the walls of The Main Street Jukebox provided an insight to the artist’s imagination from which they are of a common origin.

The public display of Rendi’s work inspired those who came to experience it an opportunity to explore the nether regions of spirits in order to discover the lighter and darker aspects of their beings. However, this journey was not as a solemn one as one might expect as many of the pieces contained a great deal of humor which served to lighten our loads while we traveled with the artist to our individual destinations. In doing so, we come to realize embracing both the darker and lighter aspects of our beings allows us to accept ourselves as a whole thus enriching our experiences and relationships in the human realm with ourselves and others.

The musical guest performing for the reception was Rezlep and the Apparatus who has become quite well known and a favorite among who frequent The Main Street Jukebox. By combining original music and lyrics along with segments of dialogues lifted from films and other sources, a world is opened up before the audiences who are present during his performance who Rezlep mischievously invites to explore. Once they enter, he is free to amuse, bemuse, and confuse them until they are filled with a delightful uncertainty of where this journey will lead while tempered by a thoughtful laughter deriving from the fact the trip is a very enjoyable one. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Main Street Jukebox 2011 Gallery at

In addition to the Art Exhibitions held at The Main Street Jukebox, they offer recordings made on CDs, Tapes, and Vinyl. The Artwork of Rendi Exhibition continues until April 29th. The Next featured event to be held at The Main Street Jukebox will be their annual Record Store Day on Saturday April 16th beginning at 10am. During the day, there will be special sales on records and live music. The Next Exhibition will feature The Art of Shirley Escribano with an Artist’s Reception held on Saturday May 7th beginning at 6pm. The exhibition will continue until May 27th. Please Explore The Main St. Jukebox Website at or call 570-424-2246 for more information about these events and all they have to offer.

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