Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day at Night

As a chilled darkness touched the streets of Stroudsburg, PA, a small group of dedicated individuals traveled upon its sidewalks on Friday April 22nd brought an eternal light to the town. This light was reflected by the candles they held as they were warmed by their flames and the camaraderie they shared. This Special Celebration of Earth Day was organized by a group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the environment called, “Heartsphere” and, while the gathering who walked the streets of Stroudsburg were small in number, they were not alone. Several businesses along the town’s main street turned off their lights for an hour in order to express their appreciation for all this planet has given them.

These businesses included The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse, Goombas Pizza, Le Persil Bistro, and Brooklyn Hero‘s Italian Deli. The celebration also included music provided by Holly Avilla whose performance in front of Brooklyn Hero‘s Italian Deli included opportunities for those who attend to sing along and to follow the beat of her selections upon some drums that were provided by Heartsphere. The parents and children who shared the first steps of this gathering were soon joined by passersbys who discovered a joy and understanding which they placed in the sphere of their hearts. Lorraine Fritz of The Cheeky Monkey Coffeehouse came by to bring some Vanilla Lattes to add warmth to the souls who gathered that night. You’ll find more photographs taken during the celebration in the Special Events 2011 Gallery at

Heartsphere offers ecologically minded individuals Heart-Centered programs which foster and spark deeper awareness, respect, and knowledge leading to living life in a balance reflected through the acknowledgment of our interconnectedness with all life in the immediate and greater environment. You’ll be able to learn more about Heartsphere and all they have to offer by exploring their website at or by contacting them at

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