Thursday, March 31, 2011

The ESU Student Art Show

The East Stroudsburg University (ESU) of PA Art Department held an Artists’ Reception for their students participating in “The ESU Art Association All University Student Juried Art Exhibit” on Wednesday March 30th in The Madelon Powers located within The campus’ Fine and Performing Arts Building. A wide variety of styles and topics were encountered by each member of the well attended event as they peered within realm of the students’ imaginations and considerable talent. The work was indeed impressive as some were very seemingly simplistic pieces while others were much more sophisticated in their appearance. However, upon creating a closer relation with each work, one found intricate aspects to the “simple” pieces which gave them a deeper presence while one can move toward the more sophisticated work to discover a detail in the object which allows its meaningful communication to the viewer to simply exist.

Awards were given throughout the event to those students who proved themselves to be event more exceptional artists among their peers. James Gloria of The Totts Gap Arts Institute (TGAI) in Bangor, PA served as Juror for the exhibition and his work in selecting which pieces were to receive awards must have been a daunting one. The awards were provided by The ESU Society of the Arts.

These awards were presented to Malinda Peters who received the first place award and $300 for her work titled, “Reflection on Sunglasses,” Drew Dvorsky who received the second place award and $200 for his work titled, “Deep Snow,” and Benjamin Koch who received the third place award and $100 for his work titled, “Decay.” Those who received Honorable Mentioned were Bethany Wert for her work titled, “Forest” and Dominick Frabizio for his work titled, “No Wake” along with Evan Sells and Mel Rivera for their work titled, “A Smuggler‘s Advice from a Caterpillar at a Mad Tea Party in Seville (aka The Wedding Ring).”

The remainder of artist who shared their work included Elisabeth Brennan, Karen Raptakis, Amanda Hoffman. Christopher P. Schatzle, Agnette Krechner, Angelina Fregoni (who serves as The ESU Art Association Treasurer), Mirtha L. Estevez, Kevin Galligan, Erin Raught, Lauriel Gingrich, Jamie Kramer, Bridget Arrow, Courtney Sherba, Sam Peterson, Nicole Thomas, Alma Barrantes, Kayla Littrell, Winnie Geyer, Abby Oxford (who serves as The ESU Art Association Vice President), Abby Braman, Elizabeth Dugan, Nicole Warn, Anthony Negron, Alyssa Kopf, Amanda Boye, Brian Hannessy, Patrick Burns, Alisa Stengel, Samantha Garcia, Caitlyne Steininger, and Laura Suits. Each of the pieces presented by these artists had their own individual outstanding qualities. The love and enthusiasm these students have for the arts shown throughout their work and their conversations. You’ll find more Photographs taken during the reception in The Visual Arts 2011 Gallery at

The ESU Art association is a student run organization whose goal is to inspire opportunities to live a better life in relation to art among those residing on campus and the surrounding community. Meetings are held weekly and all art lovers are invited to attend. In addition to those already mentioned in this article, the group’s officers include Steve Simorka who serves as its President. Professor David Mazure serves as the groups Faculty Advisor. The ESU Art Association All University Student Juried Art Exhibition Continues until April 12th. Their next exhibition will be for their Senior Seminar and Portfolio exhibition beginning with an Artists’ Reception to be held Wednesday April 27th and will conclude on May 4th. You can learn more about The ESU Art association and how to become a part of their future endeavors by visiting or by contacting The ESU Art Department at 570-422-3216.

The ESU Society for the Arts consists of a group of local arts enthusiasts and patrons who make annual scholarships and awards possible for arts majors at ESU. For more information about The ESU Society for the Arts and how to become a part of it, please contact Dr. Peter Hawkes at 570-422-3474.

The Totts Gap Arts Institute (TGAI) in Bangor, PA is designed to nurture artists of all ages and to awaken the excitement, passion, and possibility of both the fine and performing arts by offering classes, showcasing talent, and hosting events that will infuse our community and the region with a love and respect for the creative process. You can learn more about The Totts Gap Arts Institute (TGAI) and all it has to offer the community by exploring their website at or by calling 610-588-5817.

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