Saturday, July 10, 2010

Salomone at The Dutot

The Antoine Dutot Gallery and Museum in Delaware, PA held an Artist’s Reception on Friday July 9th featuring the work of Fernando Uriel Salomone. A small gathering of art lovers came together to partake of the gallery’s offerings which made the reception a very intimate affair. The work presented by Fernando Uriel Salomone enhanced this delightful atmosphere through their use of imagery and space.

Each piece was simple in its approach yet one can see a great deal of detail throughout each painting. Many were depictions of a small groups or a single tree located in a field. The lack of objects in the pieces allowed the viewer to focus on the subject which were in many cases seen at a great distance. This effect had the tendency to draw the viewer deeper into the painting until he/she actually felt as if they were physically part of the work. The experience inspired one to become open to alternative perspectives of not only the subjects depicted in the paintings but of reality itself. You’ll find more photographs taken during the reception in The Forwardian Arts Society Dutot 2010 Gallery at

The Exhibition continues until July 25th. The next Artist’s Reception will feature the work of Peter Salmon beginning at 7pm on Friday July 30th. This Exhibition will continue until August 15th. Please feel free to Contact The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery at 570-476-4240 or Explore their Website at for more information about the Gallery, their future events, and the artists presenting their work.

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