Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Day for Stroudsburgian Arts

The Streets of Stroudsburg, PA gave residence to numerous artists who live throughout the area on Saturday July 3rd. These homes included The ArtSpace Gallery, The Main Street Art Gallery, The Main Street Jukebox, and several artists who placed their work along the sidewalks. All this made visitors to the town as part of their holiday weekend celebrations feel very much at home in the community.

The ArtSpace Gallery held an Artist’s Reception for an Exhibition featuring the works of Bud LaRosa who has worked with both Marvel and D. C. Comics in many of their classic and popular publications. The work presented at ArtSpace didn’t contain the vast number of characters he has inked in the past. Rather, the colorful work was filled with images luring those who saw them into a fantasy world created by the artist. This was especially welcomed by those who enjoy a little traveling while visiting an exhibition will will continue until July 31st.

The ArtSpace Gallery is located within The PoconoArts Community Cultural Center and the reception served to introduce some opportunities the Pocono Arts Council have recently established for area artists. The first is their Studio Gallery presently showcasing the work of Dee Huxster, Alice Prall, and Sherwood Samet during month of July. The Studio Gallery is open to all artists who wish to show their work in it. The second is their PoconoArts Gallery Shop Opens featuring Fine crafts, jewelry and other hand crafted items which are for sale and welcomes artists who would like to share their endeavors for possible purchase to participate. The third is new Hall of Writing and Poetry established to better serve the literary community presently showcasing the works of the "Women Who Write" group in an exhibition titled, "Colored Quills." The work will be on display throughout the month of July and all poets and writers are welcomed to participate in future exhibitions.

As mentioned earlier, additional artistic expressions were found throughout the town. These included works created by Susanna Shap and Lana Svetlana Martis found in The Main Street Art Gallery ( along with those found along the streets themselves. These included Fine Artist Margie Long (610-379-0030), Acrylic Artist Marie L Gelsomino (, and Watercolorist Roberta Marie Cleveland (610-863-3442). All this added a delightful texture to the day as many roamed around the town eager to explore its creative wonders.

The day in town came to an end (at least for me as many things were still going on when I went home) with an Artists’ Reception at The Main Street Jukebox who featured “The Art of Nicole Hammond and Andrew Diehl.” The flowing nature of their work complimented one another very well. These well paired artists entertained the eyes with their simple works which allowed one to seek and discover their deeper meanings. All of which led to a nice adventure inward. The Exhibition continues until July 25th.

The Reception also served as a CD Release party for “Mouths Of Babes” ( whose lead singer, Lashonia Hunter, belted out one song after another grabbing each person standing to hear the music by the ears and not letting go until she was done with them. Damn. She was good. She was joined by equally talented musicians Joe Malsch on Bass and Vocals, and Mike Hoover on Guitar and Vocals as they not only picked up the stones she rocked with but threw a few well aimed ones themselves. All this while Artist Nara Strete captured their performance on canvas

As part of The PoconoArts Community Cultural Center, The ArtSpace Gallery primarily showcases the creative work of The PoconoArts Council Membership. The PoconoArts Council Membership is Open to all artists and arts organizations in all disciplines. Since its inception by The Monroe County Commissioners in 1975, The PoconoArts Council has originated and developed many services and programs that enrich the cultural atmosphere for artists, residents and visitors to the Poconos. Please Explore The PoconoArts Council Website at or call 570-476-4460 for more information about the artists and writers who are presently showing their work at The ArtSpace Gallery, how to be shown in their future exhibitions, and everything else they have to offer the creative community.

In addition to Art Exhibitions and Concerts, The Main Street Jukebox offers recordings made on CDs, Tapes, and Vinyl. Their next event will feature The Art of Skellatrona Lovely and Jen Smith with an Artists’ Reception to be held Saturday August 7th beginning at 6pm continuing until August 29th. Please Explore The Main St. Jukebox Website at or call 570-424-2246 for more information about these events and all they have to offer.

You’ll find more photographs on The Forwardian Arts Society Pocono Arts Council 2010, Visual Arts 2010, and Main St. Jukebox 2010 Galleries at

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