Monday, February 08, 2010

A Story Told and Heard

The Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg, PA presented a lecture on Saturday February 6th entitled, “Hearing the Story: Becoming an Active Story Listener and Teller” given by East Stroudsburg University of PA (ESU) Assistant Professor of English Dr. Sandra Eckard exploring themes relating to story listening and telling featuring stories from her recent book entitled, "The Ties That Bind: Storytelling as a Teaching Technique in Composition Classrooms and Writing Centers." The lecture was given as part of the Pocono Community Theater’s Educational Outreach Program.

The small gathering of former students and those with great interest in the topic gathered to learn not only how to understand the stories of others more fully but were given an opportunity to examine their own mythologies as well. This led to an afternoon of discover and introspection welcomed by those who attended. You find more photographs at The Forwardian Arts Society Pocono Community Theater 2010 Gallery at

The Pocono Community Theater offers film lovers an opportunity to see numerous independent and foreign films not commonly shown in larger commercial venues. In addition to this, they also have special events for the community to enjoy. These include “A Tribute to Valentine’s Day” on Thursday February 11th beginning at 9pm featuring classic silent films relating to love set to live music as part of their Silent Films to Loud Music Series, their “Mingle and a Movie Singles Mixer” to be held Friday February 12th at 8pm, and a class entitled, “Brewing Coffee: The Many Methods” held on Saturday February 13th. Please contact The Pocono Community Theater at 570-421-3456 for more information on all they have to offer.

Websites and emails of those mentioned in this article are The Pocono Community theater at, East Stroudsburg University (ESU) at, and Dr. Sandra Eckard at

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