Monday, November 09, 2009

Watercolors Make an Artspace

The Artspace Gallery* in Stroudsburg, PA held an Opening Reception on Saturday November 7th featuring the works of Watercolorist Will Daskal* in addition to other artists associated with the gallery. It was a simple affair which made for wonderful opportunities to explore each piece and for good conversation. Both were enriching as each participant were able to focus on their relationship with all they encountered as is sometimes lacking in a larger show.

For me, this simplicity allowed me to reflect upon my own misconceptions relating to Watercolor work. In grade school, I was introduced to the medium with a piece of porous paper, an enclosed tray of paint, and a glass of water. I was then given a brush and told to dip it into the water and then the paint. I tried to draw something simple like a tree but it didn’t look like one. The water made the colors to liquid to become anything but a blurred puddle which proved to be very discouraging. I wanted to draw a six-year-old’s version of a pastoral landscape, but I gave up.

I have been to many art exhibitions during the years in which Watercolor was one of the featured forms presented. I have since learned there are numerous techniques beyond those I learned in the first grade. One need not limit oneself by what one has learned a long time ago and the perceptions they create. We can be open to new ways and become willing to explore them. This has proven to be a good lesson for me in my travels of life as well.

Other artists showing their work in a variety of mediums included Ka-Son reeves*, *Thomas Agusta*, Jean Benfante*,Jorge Cruz*, Marcia Flammonde*, Helen Heeren*, Linda Mann*, Lenore Fiore Mills*, and Joanne Stratakos*. The Exhibition continues until November 29th. Please Contact The Artspace Gallery* at 570-476-4460 for more information. You’ll find more photographs in The Forwardian Arts Society Visual Arts Gallery.

The websites of those mentioned in the article are The ArtSpace Gallery* at, Will Daskal* at, Ka-Son reeves* at, Thomas Agusta* at, Jorge Cruz* at, Marcia Flammonde* at, Linda Mann* at, and Joanne Stratakos* at

(*) denotes members of The Forwardian Arts Society in good standing and are considered Our Good Friends.

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