Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Educating ArtSpace

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The touch of a seasonal chill of an Autumnal Day gave a gelid sensation to those who wandered the streets of Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday October 1st. But, this feeling was soon alleviated as a number of art lovers entered The PoconoArts Community Cultural Center who held an Artists' Reception for their 2nd Annual Art Educators Exhibition in their ArtSpace Gallery. It was a very small gathering at first but it eventually grew to an impressive number of art educators along with their students and friends that increased the congenial warmth of the venue.

Although there were only 19 pieces created by 13 artists on display, a wide variety of styles and aesthetic approaches to the medium of their choosing could be appreciated. This was especially true as one experienced the outstanding qualities of the work which led to a great deal of conversation among the attendees. This intercourse among the gathering continued until the Director of the Pocono Arts Council the Pocono Arts Council, Laura Goss, shared her words of welcome and appreciation to all who were in attendance. This was followed by a brief announcement given by Jill Gleeson-Doherty regarding The Monroe County Lupus Support Groups Team: Surviving Lupus Everyday's 2016 ‘Lupus Loop” Paint and Wine Fundraising Party that was held at The Charcuterie in Stroudsburg, PA on Monday October 3rd. The exhibition was a juried one and, when Ms. Gleeson-Doherty completed her statement, Ms. Goss resumed her spot to award the winners.

The artist who received the Third Place Award was Jocelyn Kolb-DeWitt for the work titled, “Helio,” the Second Place Award went to Mark Ciocca for the work titled, “Engine # 15,” and the First Place Award was given to Andrea Robbins-Rimberg for the work titled, “Whisper of Thunder.” Honorable Mention awards were given to Maureen Monczewski for the work titled, “Pop Goes B. B. Queen” and to Gordon Perry for her work titled, “Past History.” A hearty round of appreciative applause was sounded in order to congratulate the recipients.

The daunting task of selecting those among the extraordinary artists befitting an award went to Patricia Pinciotti who is an author and scholar on the arts along with being a Professor Emeritus of East Stroudsburg University (ESU) of PA. While at the university, she co-founded their “ESU C. R. E. A. T. E.” lab. You can learn more about Ms. Pinciotti and her work by exploring her Website at www.ppinciotti.blogspot.com.

The artists' Reception for The 2nd Annual Art Educators Exhibition housed within The Pocono Arts Cultural and Community Center's ArtSpace Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA proved to be a wonderful way to warm oneself on a chilly afternoon. The experience was enhanced by the quality of the images and some delightful conversations. The reception was further enhanced by a display of Assemblages created by the late Morris Berman which were donated to PoconoArts by his daughter, Ilona Marmer. The Exhibition will be on display until October 29th. The next exhibit at the center will be their Look to the Sky Exhibition with the Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday November 5th. The exhibit will be on display until November 19th. The exhibition is open to all artists and the drop off date is October 31st. You'll find more photographs taken during the Artists' Reception in the Educating ArtSpace Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155305927263761.1073742019.91146283760&type=3.

The PoconoArts Community Cultural Center in Stroudsburg, PA is part of The PoconoArts Council which is an organization designed to build the communities in which it serves artistically and culturally by providing leadership, service, and education. It does so by offering avenues for artists to display their work through the center and other galleries, educational opportunities for those who would like to explore and/or enhance their creative natures, and encouragement to those who seek to express and/or support the arts. You’ll be able to learn more about The PoconoArts Community Cultural Center and all it has to offer the creative community by exploring The PoconoArts Council Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/poconoartscouncil or their Website at www.poconoarts.org.

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