Saturday, February 13, 2016

St. Valentine's a Massacre, Old Chum

After a long holiday nap, The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA opened their doors to a much appreciative crowd on Thursday February 11th whose vast numbers eagerly filled the venue in anticipation for its first event of 2016. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Cabaret was hosted by The Carlton and featured an evening filled with comedy and music indicative of the exemplary quality the gallery has become known for throughout its first year. A joy touched the hearts of the large gathering as friends, established and those meeting for the first time, conversed with one another while the stage was being prepared by a number of the gallery's staff with the stage lighting being provided by Reverend Dude photography The good reverend also served as the event's official photographer.

After a time, the evening's host, The Carlton, took the stage to share his welcoming and appreciative remarks in the unique manner he has become known for. He then introduced the gallery's curators, Jody Singer and Ashley Catherine Fontones, who took the stage to share their appreciation with those who attended the event along with news of upcoming endeavors of the gallery and the art community. At the conclusion of their announcements, The Carlton retook the stage to introduce the first comedian of the night.

Andrew Michael Spence shared his fear of white people (in spite of being Caucasian) and his aspirations of creating a cinematic interpretation of Mega-man. A great deal of laughter punctuated the finale of each concept. After his performance, The Carlton retook the stage to introduce the next comedian who was Delmer Macosky. Mr. Macosky (who is from Wilkes Barre) slapped the room hard with his comedic perceptions which delighted the audience to no end as he shared the highlights of his life and the prospects of going to heaven afterwards. The Carlton returned to the stage after his set to introduce the headlining comedian who was Zack Hammond.

Mr. Hammond was the better known of the comedians among the Stroudsburg audience as he had appeared at the gallery and other local venues more frequently than the others. He opened this gig with a retelling of a number of previous gigs he performed in including opening for a diaper fitted band at a biker bar. He then moved on to exploring some fun things one can do after being diagnosed with cancer before committing suicide and the prospects of having children so they could be one's organ donors. These topics and Mr. Hammond's delivery of them brought about a great deal of laughter from the gathering. You can learn more about Zack Hammond by exploring his Facebook Page at

After Mr. Hammond's set came to its conclusion, The Carlton returned to the stage to begin the musical part of the evening's program. The first performer in this genre was guitarist Chris Cee Rock Roberts whose powerful phrasings encapsulated the grittiness of life. As the final notes and lyrics of Mr. Roberts embedded themselves throughout the room, The Carlton returned to the stage to introduce guitarist Vanessa Marchiano of Jettison who lured the denizens of the gallery into a labyrinth of wonderments through her songs and voice. As her performance ended to resonate in our collective subconsciousness, The Carlton returned to the stage to announce the band known as The Set Up” would be performing as soon as the stage was prepared for them. In other words, as the Carlton put it, they had to set up for The Set Up.

It was during this procedure did a great deal of frivolity grace the stage with some of the comedians playfully making their presence known during the interim. The members of the band made their was toward their instruments as the final touches to the stage were made. From the very first notes and utterances of the trio (who consists of Josefine Cardoni, Hannah Lee, and Charlie Cimino), the auric qualities of their songs encircled the life force of the audience with their harmonies. Their songs included a number of original pieces along with some written by other established artists. The later compositions included a unique interpretation of the song titled, “Billie Jean” which was originally written and sung by Michael Jackson and appears on the 1982 album titled, “Thriller.” Their rendition of the song elevated it and made it a more meaningful sub-texturally than the first version.

It was after their performance did The Carlton take the stage to announce the end of the show and to thank everyone for making the evening a great one which it was. He then turned the final minutes over to the gallery's curators, Jody Singer and Ashley Catherine Fontones, who reiterated and updated information about the gallery and the arts while sharing their thanks for all who were present and inviting the gathering back for their future endeavors. An excitement filled the audience at the prospects of enjoying the offerings of the venue during the remainder of 2016 as their eventual departures were embodied with conversations relating to the future.

The Origins Gallery next endeavor will be their one night only event titled, “Carnal Nature” on Saturday February 13th featuring the work of Marty Carr and erotic artwork by community artists. This will be followed by their “All the Ways to Say I Love You” exhibition with the Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday February 27th. The event will also serve as celebration of Origins' first anniversary. All are invited to partake and reflect on the arts. Those who wish to contribute their work for the exhibition may do so. The drop off dates are February 25th and 26th. In the meantime, you can view photographs taken during the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Cabaret at The St. Valentine's a Massacre, Old Chum Gallery at

The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery located at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. In addition to the special events like their St. Valentine's Day Massacre Cabaret and exhibitions, the Origins Gallery holds a number of art related festivals and provides a space to those who teach the arts to those who would like to learn from them. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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