Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Celebrating Winter Birthdays at Origins

The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA hosted the 2nd Annual Winter Birthdays Art Jam on Sunday February 21st which honored the seasonal births of several individuals who reside in the local artistic community. They included Joy Taney, Carolyn Burbage, and Melissa Benzinger. The afternoon and early evening consisted of joyous music, opportunities to explore one's own creativity (including an invitation to add icing to the birthday cake), a birthday cuisine, and good conversations with good friends.

The Juggernaut String Band www.facebook.com/JuggernautStringBand who consisted of Peter Taney, Joy Taney, and Carolyn Burbage along with the duet known as Woodrow www.facebook.com/wearewoodrow which consists of Theresa Ratcliff and Brian Brancamp provided a variety of music that filled the hearts with measures of joyfulness. Tables were set up with sketch pads, paper, paints, charcoals, and other items that bade the large gathering who attended the event to indulge their artistic desires by drawing something wonderful. Many did and, although the quality of the pieces produced reflected the extent of the skill of the individual artist, a light shown through every work that inspired those who viewed it to marvel at the love that inhabited it.

In the midst of the music, conversation, and aesthetic explorations, a break ensued in which the gallery's curators, Jody Singer and Ashley Catherine Fontones, shared information about the gallery and the arts while expressing their thanks for all who were present and inviting the gathering back for their future endeavors. It was after their inspiring words did the highlight of the day arrived as the ceremoniously event of cutting the cake occurred. It was during the sharing of the tasty baked good was a raffle held in which those who held a ticket that was hidden underneath their chairs were eligible to win something cool. The digits that were called were accompanied by a profound excitement until the crescendo reached its zenith as the final number echoed against the triumphant cry of the winning ticket's holder.

The event continued on as more music was accompanied by tap dancing provided by Bob Lippi and more drawings were created which included those rendered by some of the musicians who shared their musical talents with one another. It was a great afternoon filled with great things. Happy birthday kids and may you all have many more. And, may we be there to help celebrate them with more Winter Birthdays Art Jams. You'll be able to view photographs taken during the event in The Celebrating Winter Birthdays at Origins Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154599832658761.1073741945.91146283760&type=3.

The Origins Gallery next endeavor will be their All the Ways to Say I Love You exhibition with the Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday February 27th. The event will also serve as celebration of Origins' first anniversary. All are invited to partake and reflect on the arts. Those who wish to contribute their work for the exhibition may do so. The drop off dates are February 25th and 26th.

The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery located at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. In addition to their exhibitions and special events like the 2nd Annual Winter Birthdays Art Jam, the Origins Gallery holds a number of art related festivals and provides a space to those who wish to teach and learn more about the arts. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OriginsGalleryStroudsburg or their Website at www.originsgallery.org.

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

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