Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Lights, Anvils, and Jello Shots. Happy Halloween.

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

A day full of Halloween activities that took place along the Main Street area of Stroudsburg, PA came to a effervescent conclusion at The Artisans of the Anvil Studio who held their First Annual Halloween Fest on Saturday October 29th. The Halloween Party greeted the few but happy few who arrived at the studio with food, beverages, Laser lights, a Fog Machine, A Transvestite Band, and almost 200 Jell-O Shots. They were good.

A subdued celebratory mood permeated the second floor quarters of The Artisans of the Anvil studio as the special effects consisting of the Lasers and Fog blended with the music being played upon the stereo system. Dancing and playing with the light beams entertained the gathering. The mood relaxed individuals into wonderful conversations that gave birth to new friendships. Live music was performed by Leroy and Raindrop (aka Richie and Chris Shaffer) whose comedic stylings inspired a great deal of laughter among the gathering.

The dressed duo played a number of sets throughout the night ending with an encore performance. Lights, Fog, Conversation, Dancing, and the consumption of Jell-O Shots along with some delicious treats made by some who attended the party continued into the early hours of the following day. It was around this time did many of the company bid one another farewell with the hope this splendid party would be repeated in 2017. I was among those who shared in the desire to partake of another Halloween Fest at The Artisans of the Anvil Studio next year and I hope to see you there. You'll find more photographs take during The Artisans of the Anvil's 1st Annual Halloween Fest in The Lights, Anvils, and Jello Shots. Happy Halloween Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155412679868761.1073742030.91146283760&type=3.

The Artisans of the Anvil Studio is located at 40 North 2nd Street in Stroudsburg, PA. The studio is composed of individuals who utilize the medium of Iron to craft tangible objects from concepts and dreams. They have competed in Czech Republic at the Annual Hefaiston festival with their head smith, Andrew Molinaro, producing a sculpture which has been on permanent display at the castle since 2012. The Artisans of the Anvil Studio often create Iron Work Pieces for a number of individuals and groups. You can learn more about The Artisans of the Anvil Studio by exploring their Website at www.artisansoftheanvil.com or their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/artisansoftheanvil.

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