Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Little Collaboration Pleases

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA held an Artists' Reception for their Collaborations II and their Encore Fine Arts Exhibitions on Saturday November 5th. The work included pieces that were created by artists who worked together in pairs or in small groups along with those artists whose talents were considered worthy of inviting back for a special showing of their endeavors. Music for the evening was provided by Guitarist Alex Allegra and the venue's famous Art Raffle was held.

A modest gathering of artists and art lovers filled the room as the outstanding work were explored by the imaginations of those who attended the reception. The music of Guitarist Alex Allegra enhanced the atmosphere as her clarion voice mimicked her fingers in touching the chords of the hearts of all who heard it. Ms. Allegra's interpretation of each song she performed added a new depth and meaning to the composition that allowed each listener to delve deeper into its aesthetic properties. She also presented a number of her original pieces along with news of her debut CD titled, “My Journey.” You can learn more about Alex Allegra and her music by exploring her Website at www.AlexAllegramusic.com or her Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/Alex-Allegra-Music-1658107044443743.

The art raffle followed the performance. The numbers were selected and called out by Origin's Gallery Director, Jody Singer, while the pieces donated for the event were held aloft by Micheal Kessler. A joy filled the room as the numbers signifying the winner were revealed and congratulatory sentiments were shared. The evening came to an end soon after the raffle and the venue's denizens bade each other farewell while looking forward to when they would gather again for the next event. You can view photographs taken during the Artists' Reception of the exhibit in the A Little Collaboration Pleases Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155435823848761.1073742033.91146283760&type=3.

The Origins Gallery is a contemporary arts gallery who also offers classes and special events to the community. They're currently located on the lower level of The Gamers Edge Comics and Games Store at 580 Main St. in Stroudsburg, PA. It was announced the gallery will be moving to a new location early in 2017 with news appearing on their Facebook Page as it happens. The Collaborations II and their Encore Fine Arts Exhibitions will be on display until November 16th. Their next show will be their Open Arts Exhibition with an Artists' Reception scheduled for Saturday November 19th beginning at 6pm and all artists are invited to participate. The drop off dates are November 16th and 17th. You can learn more about The Origins Gallery by exploring their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/OriginsGalleryStroudsburg.

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