Sunday, September 25, 2016

Une Finale Saisonnière à La Dutot

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

In the twilight of an Autumnal night, The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery in Delaware Water Gap, PA held an Artists' Reception on Friday September 23rd for their exhibition featuring the work of Bev Abel, Lurene Nakielny, and Dawn Whatley. The distinctive style of the each individual artist contrasted well with one another while the entirety of the exhibit gently blended the images together until the show poured its essence upon the souls of those who attended. This creative elixir enhanced the enjoyment of the pieces and the conversations they inspired.

The oils and watercolors the artists employed in manifesting their interpretive visions lent themselves to the releasing of their unique properties to provide the hues each artist sought out to radiate their clarities and obscurities upon the subjects they captured. This allowed the viewer to access these same elements within themselves through a prism of vibrant colors and well constructed images in order to embrace all that is within one as well as what lies beyond. A sizable crowd attended the reception and their presence along with the the self examination the paintings inspired made it a wonderful night to spend with the arts. You'll find more photographs taken during the Artist's Reception in Une Finale Saisonnière à La Dutot Gallery at
The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery originated as a brick school house built c. 1850 by Antoine Dutot who founded the town of Dutotsville before it was renamed to Delaware Water Gap, PA. In addition to the exhibitions presented at the gallery, the museum offers tours and educational opportunities for those who would like to learn more about the area. The current exhibition featuring the work of Bev Abel, Lurene Nakielny, and Dawn Whatley will be on display until October 9th. The Exhibition is the final one the Dutot will present for the remainder of 2016. However, the gallery invites artists to paint outdoor scenes of Delaware Water Gap, PA and the surrounding area beginning Saturday October 15th and continue to do so until October 21st who will be able to place their work for display during a silent auction on Saturday October 22nd beginning at 2pm. Please Explore The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery Facebook Page at or their Website at for more information.

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