Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Music of September's Fashion

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

On a seasonably warm day, I traveled to Milford, PA on September 17th to partake of their 2016 SeptemberFest and later to the Historic Dutch Reform Church in Dingmans Ferry, PA who held their Annual Fall Fashion Show presented by The Phoenix Gift Shop. The beauty of the skies mingled with the music that echoed throughout the festival just as they enhanced the delight of sharing conversations and discovering new fashions upon the runway at the church. The day proved to be a grand experience as music and fashion enhanced the living of it.

My adventure began shortly after entering the town of Milford for their 2016 SeptemberFest www.milfordmusicfest.org as I kept my ears open for the sounds of music while roaming the streets. I encountered a performer known as Mick Kelly who sang an number or Reggae pieces to prerecorded music outside The Enchanted Gifts and Books Store www.enchantedgiftsandbooks.com who were also holding a psychic fair within its establishment. In addition to Reggae, Mr. Kelly also presents music associated with Elvis Presley and the Beatles. I heard some of these selections as I moved on to explore more of the festival.

My explorations led me to The Golden Fish Gallery www.goldenfishgallery.com where Merchants were displaying their unique items. They were Tracie who offered Original Handcrafted Jewelry traciee@ptd.net and Medicine Bear 570-647-5495 who had Native American Crafts and Weapons on display. After being entranced by the intricate skill and love that went into the manufacturing of these items, I went to The Pâtisserie Fauchère (aka The Emerson House) which is part of The Hotel Fauchère www.hotelfauchere.com where a guitarist known as Hadley www.facebook.com/HADLEYNYCMUSIC/?fref=ts was playing. Her powerful interpretations of songs established by other artists and those originating from her filled the porch of the establishment along with the souls who were present to listen.

It was after Hadley's performance did I resume my roaming about the town to listen to more music. I wound up in front of the building that housed the Pike County Democratic Committee www.pikecountydemocrats.org where a Banjo Player named Chet and a Guitarist whose name I neglected to retrieve were playing a number of folk songs in a manner that not only complimented the composers' meaning but enhanced their messages through their musical abilities. I then followed the sound of music until I reached The Calvary Chapel of Milford www.ccmilford.com who presented the band known as “One Came Down” as they shared songs of the Christian faith along with words to encourage those present to renew their spiritual creeds.

It was after a while did I venture over to The Hotel Fauchère where the Jazz ensemble known as “Meant to be” www.mtbjazz.net with Glenn Merritt on Keyboard, Alan Hayes on Upright Bass, and Pete Omelio on Drums along with a Trumpet player whose name I neglected to retrieve were performing. Their gentle approach to the songs they rendered was profoundly felt among the gathering of diners and listeners who were fortunate enough to be present. For me, it brought to an end to a wonderful afternoon in Milford, PA as I left the town to attend the Annual Fall Fashion Show in Dingmans Ferry, PA. Septemberfest continued until Sunday September 18th.

Upon arriving at the Old Dutch Reform Church, my eyes were greeted by a garden from which a bountiful array of flowers grew. A number of people stood upon the grounds and, like the flowers that surrounded them, their bouquets shared their beauty and fragrances in their loving communion with one another. Wine poured into luscious glasses paired well with the delicious victuals that were offered along with the conversations that abounded throughout the evening.

Prior to the Fashion Show, attendees were invited to explore the variety of vintage clothes The Phoenix Gift Shop www.facebook.com/Phoenix-Gift-Shop-555896757853809/?fref=ts had to offer upon which a number of purchases were made. The commencement of the Annual Fall Fashion Show was announced by Julia Schmitt Healy www.juliahealy.com who would be the Mistress of Ceremonies. Her style and infectious sense of humor complimented the models endeavors to provided a glimpse of what the Fashionistas will be wearing this Autumn. The Runway Fashion models included Wendy Stuart, Lovisa LjungQvist Brinson, Jaz Baeza, Richard D'ambrosia, Nancy Davis Kessler, Robynn Summer, and April I. Fredericks. Their flowing presence captivated the huge gathering whose hypnotic gazes were accompanied by applauses and cheers throughout the spectacle.

The event concluded with the appearance of Doug Cosh and Terry Talent of The Phoenix Gift Shop who expressed their appreciation to those who planned and put on the show as well as to the audience who were present. The remainder of the evening was spent sharing the delights of the show through conversing with one another while further exploring the clothing available to purchase as their fashion conscious palates were whetted by the sights and sounds embedded in the Annual Fall Fashion Show. You'll find more photographs taken during the 2016 SeptemberFest in Milford, PA and Annual Fall Fashion Show in Dingmans Ferry, PA in our The Music of September's Fashion Gallery at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155263720503761.1073742015.91146283760&type=3.

The historic Dutch Reformed Church in Dingmans Ferry, PA was designed in 1837, built in 1850 in the Greek Revival style, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It was converted to a residence in 1957 and has been home to antiques dealer Doug Cosh since 1972 who has leased the property since 1986. The Phoenix Gift Shop is located on the property and offers vintage clothing along with a variety of southwest jewelry, decorative arts, and pottery. The establishment is owned by Doug Cosh and Terry Talent.

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