Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Artistic Properties of Hemlock

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

The artists who inhabit Hemlock Farms, PA have graced the area through their depictions of its beauty for many a year. Their gentle brush strokes and profound abilities to capture the essence of the images they capture enriches not only their subjects but those who view their work as well. Thus, it was with great pleasure for a large number of art lovers to be present at The Gallery at Chant Reality in Lords Valley, PA on Friday July 1st to celebrate their endeavors with an Artists' Reception.

The conversations that abounded throughout the early evening hours shared topics as plentiful as the food that was available to be consumed. The taste of the varied concepts and cuisine satisfied both the physical and artistic palate of those who partook of them. The music provided by Guitarist Ben Gendelman added a gentle and conducive flavor to the event that heightened the soft enjoyment of it.

The caliber of the work on display was astounding and the corridors that were prevalent throughout the gallery added the delightful sensation of discovery as each corner turned revealed something wonderful to behold. New levels of perceptive tranquility embodied in the majority of the work touched the realms of sensations that dwells in every loving glance given throughout a lifetime. You'll find more photographs taken during the Artists' Reception in The Artistic Properties of Hemlock Gallery at

The Gallery is situated within the Chant Reality offices which are located at 631 on Route 739 in Lords Valley, PA. Joan Polishook serves as the gallery's curator. The exhibition celebrating Hemlock Farms, PA and the artists who place its beauty upon their canvases will be on display until August 27th. The next exhibit will hold its Artists' Reception on Friday September 2nd beginning at 5pm. According to their description, Chant Reality is the Largest Independent Real Estate Organization serving NY, PA, and NJ. You can learn more about Chant Reality and all the services it provides by exploring their Facebook Page at or their Website at

In addition to serving as The Gallery at Chant Reality's curator, Ms. Polishook offers the free outdoor painting program to adult and serious young artists titled, “Come Paint With Me” which is now in its 19th year. The Plein Air sessions are primarily scheduled throughout the months of July and August with additional opportunities available until mid September. All artists participating in the program will have the opportunity to have their works showcased in a special show titled, “Plein Air - All Seasons” which will take place at the Gallery at Chant Realtors in Lords Valley, PA during the months of November and December. Please explore Ms. Joan Polishook's Website at for more information.

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