Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Soft Focus Touches the Dutot

Photography by Paparazzi Paul.

A gathering consisting of friends of The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery in Delaware Water Gap, PA and the exhibition's featured artist, Corine Barton, along with a healthy assortment of unaffiliated art lovers filled the gallery with their admiration for the work displayed on Friday July 29th during its Artist's Reception. Although the actual number in attendance was a modest one, the beauty of the work populated the minds and hearts of those who were present to their full capacity. The calming images of nature depicted in Ms. Barton's compositions related a softness in their themes as well as in her approaches to the subjects she exquisitely captured on canvas.

This softness touches the essence of not only the images that are depicted but of the viewer him/herself. A sense of longing for a simpler environment closer to the ways of nature is created only to have that longing satisfied by truly opening one's eyes to perceive everything that is within and beyond the frame of each piece. A contemplative calmness encases us as we moved from one image to another. You'll find more photographs taken during the Artist's Reception in The A Soft Focus Touches the Dutot Gallery at
Corine Barton lives in Branchville, NJ and became more connected with nature and the rhythmic process of creation when she became pregnant with her daughter Lindsey. Therefore, her work reflects this awareness as she seeks to capture the fleeting impressions that is indicative of the natural world. Ms. Barton is a landscape oil painter who works en Plein Air and in her studio. She also paints celebrities, do commissions, and create pieces in modern art. You can learn more about Corine Barton and her work by exploring her Website at or her Facebook Page at

The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery originated as a brick school house built c. 1850 by Antoine Dutot who founded the town of Dutotsville before it was renamed to Delaware Water Gap, PA. In addition to the exhibitions presented at the gallery, the museum offers tours and educational opportunities for those who would like to learn more about the area. The Exhibition featuring the work of Corine Barton will be on display until August 14th. The Dutot's next Exhibition will feature the work of Andrea Levergood. An Artist's Reception is scheduled to be held on Friday August 19th beginning at 7pm. The exhibit will continue to be on display until until September 4th. Please Explore The Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery Facebook Page at or their Website at for more information.

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